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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 811319.

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As online education continues to grow, the academic integrity is called into question. How do you give the credit and certification to the right person? We need assessment solutions to provide confidence for institutions.

Smowltech is a technological assessment solution  startup founded in late 2012 as a spin-off of Vicomtech-IK4, a prestigious European technology centre specialized in computer vision and IA. From the beginning, we’ve been focused on developing  a user friendly eProctoring solution to enhance continuous online learning and add value to online certifications.

Smowltech’s assessment solution is built on top of three essential pilars: Simplicity, Flexibility and Scalability.

In such a complex and changing world due to technological evolution, organizations are required to use technology to improve the life quality of the people.  At Smowltech, we aim to travel alongside institutions and students offering the best user experience in the continuous assessment process in online learning allowing universal access to education while maintaining academic integrity.


Online education is here to stay and it’s revolutionizing the way we learn. Due to the transformation of our society and technology, a large number of jobs will be destroyed while new ones will be created, for this reason studying a career will not be enough to be prepared for the rest of our professional career. Therefore, the concept of lifelong learning should be embraced since people will have to be learning continuously to help the organization to face new challenges.

This new paradigm will require people of any age to be in constant training. For this, flexible assessment solutions that allow them to combine work, training and family conciliation will be demanded. These solutions will have to be user-centric and match with their way of learning, wherever and whenever they want.


With this in mind, we not only work alongside institutions to provide the required technology to verify the identity of the students and monitor their behavior to keep academic integrity, but offer our support in the implementation and adaptation of our assessment solution to the institution’s pedagogic methodology, aiding the management of the change, forming both students and teachers, and establishing the required protocols so that the students are conscious of the importance of keeping the same rigor that the onsite learning.


— Ricardo Vea, PhD —
Founder & CEO of Smowltech

Leadership Team

Dedicated to bringing quality to online education

Ricardo Vea CEO Smowltech

Ricardo Vea, PhD

Founder & CEO

Manu Fraile

Manu Fraile

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Vea

Alex Vea

Chief Strategy Officer

Ana Sanz

Ana Sanz, PhD

Chief Financial Officer

Ensuring academic integrity all over the world

When it comes to improving academic integrity, Smowltech strives to help institutions everywhere. Currently, we are present in more than 17 countries on the five continents, and have infrastructure to serve customers virtually anywhere in the world.

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