Attracting talent to companies: how to do it and why

Attracting talent to companies is an excellent, necessary challenge to increase competitiveness and business value in this era of technological...
3 January 2023

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Attracting talent to companies: how to do it and why

Attracting talent to companies is an excellent, necessary challenge to increase competitiveness and business value in this era of technological revolution and, above all, in this economic and social crisis context. Talent is more necessary than ever and is a differentiating feature of companies. 

The first step is to establish a strategy for attracting talent, to know how you can make your company attractive to these profiles, and what tools you can use to promote and consolidate your project in the market by attracting talent.

How to attract talent to your company?

Attracting top talent to your company is never easy. It is advisable to focus on a humanistic approach in your relationship with your employees or potential employees to achieve it. In this sense, you should not consider people as replaceable resources and, on the contrary, put them at the center of your activity as a source of value. 

This requires an enthusiastic dynamic that allows you to identify their capabilities, skills, and personal interests to contribute in an innovative and committed way to the needs of your organization.

In this way, you must support your teams’ professional development on an ongoing basis and enhance their strengths to promote their evolution.  

The process undoubtedly requires dynamic and effective HR policies that identify the company’s needs. This is the only way to build a comprehensive talent management strategy. But what makes a company attractive to employees? Let’s take a look at some bullet points.

Innovative and adapted selection processes

For attracting and retaining talented employees, you must have the right selection processes in place. For this, creativity and digital formats are vital tools.

Integrating gamification captures candidates’ interest as it is a more attractive and interactive game-based process. Companies that integrate this action in their selection processes send an image of innovation and competitiveness that attracts the best profiles. 

If you want to go further and get the most out of your HR management, you can combine techniques such as gamification with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

How to attract talent

Employer branding

Working on your employer branding is a proactive solution that feeds a constant talent pool. 

This diffusion of your brand universe and your company values must also take care of your digital presence on social networks and any internet platform.

Emotional salary and family conciliation

The emotional salary complements the compensation received materially. It is a set of retributions that do not appear in the payroll and facilities that help the employee achieve a more comfortable, happier life. 

It can be about offering a canteen service in the company, a day-care service, working to consolidate a good working environment, or even suggesting the possibility of remote work to your employees. 

Here we can find the concept of wellbeing or well-being at work, a series of benefits for employees who are committed to putting their physical and psychological well-being at the center of the HR strategy. 

You can boost it by offering health insurance, yoga classes, mindfulness, gym, physiotherapy, etc.

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Collaboration with universities and training institutions

One of the most compelling young talent breeding grounds is found in universities and training institutions. 

Developing collaboration programs such as professional corporate volunteering or accessing the internship programs that these organizations have active will help you attract them to your project.

Headhunters and specialized agencies

Headhunters and recruitment specialized agencies have a network of pre-selected talents, so they have a critical success rate in locating the candidate that responds to the established needs and, more specifically, if you are looking for highly qualified profiles.

Employee experience

Improving the employee experience within the company makes it the best of your ambassadors for attracting talent.

Attracting top talent to companies

Why attract human talent to a company?

Your company’s value will increase if you bet on human capital through talent management focused on evaluating talent but also capable of attracting, retaining, and motivating personnel. 

Remember that talented workers are professionals who enjoy their tasks and have the necessary skills to perform them correctly. 

In addition, they are predisposed to update their knowledge to offer the best version of themselves to your project. 

There are other benefits of empowering human talent in your company. Here are a few: 

  • Increases workers’ commitment to the corporate culture and the project’s objectives. 
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves the quality of the performed work and the relationship with your clients.
  • Dynamizes and improves internal communication.
  • Boosts the organization’s competitiveness
  • Decreases your employees’ turnover rate and reduces selection costs. 

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