Behavioral and Forensic Sciences with Evidentia University

Forensic Sciences and Behavioral Sciences are two essential fields of study for understanding human behavior. Evidentia University is one of...
17 October 2023

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Behavioral and Forensic Sciences with Evidentia University

Forensic Sciences and Behavioral Sciences are two essential fields of study for understanding human behavior.

Evidentia University is one of the leading institutions in training professionals for these two sectors. It is a prestigious institution of higher education with international reach located in the multicultural state of Florida, United States.

This institution has its roots in Europe, where it was founded in 2008 under the name Behavior & Law. Since then, it has experienced rapid global growth, with a special focus on Latin America, Spain, and the United States.

In an era marked by digital transformation and artificial intelligence, Evidentia University aims to place the human being at the center of its educational focus. All of this is achieved while harnessing technological advances that enable them to deliver their Forensic and Behavioral Sciences training in a fully digital format.

What are Behavioral Sciences?

Among all these technologies, Evidentia University has strongly embraced reliable and secure digital exams and assessments, thanks to SMOWL’s proctoring plans.

But beyond that, it distinguishes itself through its firm commitment to solid values, such as respecting each student’s individuality, promoting personal growth through exposure to diverse cultures, integrating the academic and professional realms, and the shared passion that characterizes all its members, including faculty and students.

In this post, we will analyze and recall the milestones achieved by the institution through its commitment to modern, student-centered education.

What are Forensic Sciences and Behavioral Sciences?

Evidentia University is one of the most prominent international Behavioral and Forensic Sciences institutions. From its origins as Behavior and Law, it has trained over 4,000 students in these fields.

But what do Forensic Sciences and Behavioral Sciences entail?

Forensic Sciences

Forensic Sciences focus on applying scientific principles and advanced techniques to solve ordinary and corporate crimes and analyze evidence in legal contexts.

These disciplines play a crucial role in criminal justice and the justice system. Some areas of Forensic Sciences include Criminalistics (analysis of physical and chemical evidence), Forensic Medicine (investigation of causes of death), Forensic Dentistry, Forensic Entomology (the study of insects at crime scenes), Document Examination (analysis of documents), and more.

Forensic experts collect and analyze evidence to assist in the resolution of legal cases.

What are Forensic Sciences?

Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral Sciences concentrate on the systematic study of human and animal behavior. These disciplines seek to understand how people and animals act, think, and interact in different contexts.

Some well-known branches of Behavioral Sciences include Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Developmental Psychology, and Neuroscience. These disciplines investigate various topics, from brain function to social and cultural dynamics influencing human behavior.

Forensic and Behavioral Sciences programs in Spanish and English

Now that you understand what Forensic and Behavioral Sciences entail, you can explore Evidentia University’s academic offerings more closely.

This institution offers one-year Master’s programs in these two fields, both in English and Spanish. They also offer shorter certificates lasting from 1 to 5 months. Evidentia University offers Master’s programs in Criminal Profiling, Anti-Fraud Behavior Analysis, Non-Verbal Communication, and Behavioral Economics.

Among these programs, they are known for their world-class faculty and course content and a robust and extensively tested platform in the USA, combining academic and scientific rigor with practical experience in each field they cover.

Ignacio Javier Tolosa, CEO of Evidentia University.

Evidentia University offers 100% online programs

One of the main features of their Master’s and certificate programs is that they are 100% online, allowing them to be completed remotely.

Therefore, Evidentia University emphasizes the “paramount importance” of institutions taking necessary precautions to prevent fraud and maintain integrity in the assessment process, as explained by their CEO, Ignacio Javier Tolosa.

To achieve this, it is essential to have trusted environments for secure and reliable final exams. SMOWL was the chosen tool for this mission.

SMOWL: The ideal proctoring solution for Forensic and Behavioral Sciences

Since its inception, Evidentia University has opted for the intensive use of a tool like SMOWL to authenticate users’ identities, prevent fraud during online assessments, and enable evaluation from any location.

Their ultimate goal is to maintain integrity in the assessment process and prepare their students for accreditation. “It was the tool that made the most sense for us,” explains Ignacio Javier Tolosa.

For this university, SMOWL is a “straightforward to implement and transparent tool for the student.” Among its functionalities, they highlight how it “monitors video, audio, and the computer.

SMOWL helps us maintain integrity in our assessment process at a reasonable cost and with functionality that meets our expectations.” – Ignacio Javier Tolosa, CEO of Evidentia University.
Evidentia University logo

Acceptance of proctoring in Forensic and Behavioral Sciences

Users and students of Evidentia University have found that proctoring facilitates the remote taking of their Forensic and Behavioral Sciences exams, with all the associated benefits.

In this regard, the university states that there have been no objections or complaints, which “speaks for itself.”

Technology of this kind not only supports evaluators in decision-making, thus creating secure evaluation environments, but it also contributes significantly to establishing credibility for high-quality distance education.

This is especially important in a sector where, although not mandatory, having such a tool is highly recommended for accreditation purposes, as in the case of the Department of Education (in the state of Florida, the Commission for Independent Education – CIE).

Ignacio Javier Tolosa, CEO of Evidentia University – who has tested the software himself – recommends implementing SMOWL “with time and in a secure environment.” He also advocates dispelling any prejudices that still exist in some institutions regarding online education and proctoring. “Don’t be afraid to use it. It’s simple and works well,” he concludes.

If your company or institution is considering transitioning to these kinds of reliable and secure assessments, certifications, or even selection processes, do not hesitate to request a free demo to discover all the benefits that SMOWL and proctoring can bring to your sector, just as they have done for Forensic and Behavioral Sciences taught by Evidentia University.

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