Best facial recognition software: how to choose it?

What is the best facial recognition software? What is it for? What does its use imply? Can we make use...
31 January 2023

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Best facial recognition software: how to choose it?

What is the best facial recognition software? What is it for? What does its use imply? Can we make use of it in our daily lives? 

These are some of the questions associated with this new technology, which today, although sometimes we do not realize it, is tremendously widespread

If we use it correctly, following specific standards and associating it with cybersecurity terms, we face a beneficial technology for different fields and sectors. Among them, we can find the education and human resources sectors, which sometimes use facial recognition through proctoring. 

But let’s stay focused because we will review what facial recognition software is, how it works, and its main applications in this post.

best facial recognition software

What is facial recognition software?

Facial recognition software is a computer application that captures and analyzes a person’s facial features through photographs or videos to verify their identity

As its name indicates, the technology is based on facial recognition, something as simple as recognizing a person and confirming that it is him or herself through one of the few unique and unmistakable features every human has: our face.

The key to this type of identification lies in those physical aspects that make us unique and very difficult to duplicate or falsify.

Biometric facial recognition is it the same as facial recognition?

Generally, when we talk about biometric facial recognition or biometric data, we talk about the same technology as facial recognition. By definition, biometrics is (according to Wikipedia) the taking of standardized measurements of living beings. Something that, thanks to technology, can be applied to physical elements as characteristic of a person as the iris, the retina, fingerprints, or even the veins of the hands.

Best facial recognition software: how does it work?

To discuss how facial recognition technology works, we will use our SMOWL tool as the main example since it makes use of it. 

The truth is that this technology can be used for many purposes with different objectives, although they are usually always associated with security and identification. SMOWL is one of many use cases. However, there are also other less frequent uses, such as artistic uses, for example.

In any case, at a user level, facial recognition works in three simple steps.

Facial model registration

For facial recognition software to work correctly, it first needs a face model to capture and analyze.

For example, in the case of SMOWL, users are asked to take a photo under favorable light conditions for proper identification. This implies that users should stand in front of the camera, with their face visible, and avoid accessories (such as hats or sunglasses) that cover the head or face. They should also try not to have other people around them.

What is a facial recognition software?

Associate facial recognition with a person

Once we have the data to recognize a face, we must associate it with a person. In the case of SMOWL, this is done through a photograph of an identity document. In this way, we will know that the person registered with a specific face corresponds to a real person’s identity and not a digital one.

Use of acquired information

Now that the system has the facial information of a user and the person to whom it corresponds, this information can be put to various uses. 

For example, through artificial intelligence, SMOWL will use a user’s facial information to ensure that the person taking a training, exam, or interview is the same person who registered in the first instance.

In many other applications, facial recognition enables access control to a platform or device, for example.

Facial recognition devices: which are the most relevant?

Smartphones are the devices that currently use this technology the most. The objective is to allow the owner to unlock the phone with just a glance, thus replacing fingerprint recognition or PIN passwords.

This use has also been extended to laptops with webcams, tablets, and even other technologies such as video door phones, which through digital locks, only allow access to a physical space to those who have registered with facial recognition software.

Benefits of using facial recognition software

Benefits of using facial recognition software

This type of biometric identification technology has certain benefits over others. Here we have compiled some of them:

  1. It requires a higher degree of identification: what used to require only a password or sending a code to a cell phone or e-mail can now be done more simply and securely thanks to facial recognition. It is simpler, less cumbersome, and much more secure.
  2. It is easy to set up and remember: following the example of passwords and codes, a face is not forgotten, but a password is. By this, we mean that once configured, the system will never forget your face and will not depend on your ability to remember a long password.
  1. It can be combined with other security technologies: another benefit of using a technology like this is that, if the developer wishes, it can still be combined with a password or PIN code to multiply the security of a tool or device.

Facial images, where are they collected?

As you may have noticed, any facial recognition software involves capturing images of a face, which, since it involves personal information and data, often generates doubts on the part of users.

In the case of SMOWL, this is a point that should not worry either users or organizations since at Smowltech (as a European company), we strictly follow the European guidelines that require us to follow the most ethical way of collecting, processing, disclosing, storing and disposing of personal data. 

In addition, we are supported by the European Community within the H2020 program, and, therefore, we are subject to strict ethical standards to maintain the privacy of our users.

Suppose you think it could be interesting for your company or institution to have a proctoring system that includes facial recognition technology. In that case, we recommend you take a look at SMOWL and all the features it can bring you.

In addition, you can request a free demo to see if it adapts to your organization’s needs.

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