CFT Manpower Workforce and Employment Integration: Preparing You for Success

In today’s world, digital education has evolved into a potent tool for offering learning opportunities to individuals with busy schedules...
8 September 2023

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CFT Manpower Workforce and Employment Integration: Preparing You for Success

In today’s world, digital education has evolved into a potent tool for offering learning opportunities to individuals with busy schedules and geographical limitations. And that’s fantastic! 

Because the Center for Technical Training Manpower (CFT Manpower) in Chile has truly pioneered the use of educational technology to train highly skilled Higher Level Technicians. 

Today, we share how their partnership with the proctoring solution SMOWL has been pivotal to their success and the successful employment integration of their graduates.

CFT Manpower: What Makes Them So Special?

CFT Manpower has stood out as a leading institution in advanced technical education in Chile. Their mission focuses on delivering quality education and cultivating competencies aligned with societal demands. 

That’s why they have consistently sought innovative ways to enhance the educational experience for their students. 

And you know what? They’ve found the perfect opportunity to expand their educational offerings through digital education.

CFT Manpower and Employment Integration

The Challenge of Online Education

When CFT Manpower decided to venture into distance education, they faced a significant challenge. They needed to ensure the integrity and reliability of online assessments. 

They were well aware that academic outcomes are crucial for upholding the institution’s prestige and the trust of students and employers. And they were absolutely right!

SMOWL: Your Ally in Education

But, as always, there’s a solution to every challenge. After evaluating various proctoring options, CFT Manpower discovered the answer to their problems in SMOWL. 

You know what convinced them? SMOWL seamlessly integrated into their Open LMS platform. That’s how easy it was! This allowed them to swiftly implement the solution and provide their students with an optimized user experience.

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Integrity and Security Ensured!

And if you’re wondering whether they met all security standards and required protocols, the answer is a resounding YES! 

CFT Manpower was determined to meet the requirements of the National Accreditation Agency of Chile, and SMOWL proved to meet those demands. Thanks to SMOWL, they could breathe a sigh of relief. Thus, the institution could offer legal, secure, and reliable online assessments.

CFT Manpower Workforce and Employment Integration: Preparing You for Success

A Worthwhile Tale: Working Students and Distance Education

But this doesn’t end here—there’s more. CFT Manpower’s primary focus in implementing SMOWL was to enhance distance education for working students. Brilliant thinking! 

These students wanted to improve their job prospects but also had daily responsibilities. Therefore, flexible schedules and the ability to study from anywhere greatly relieved them.

Students Love SMOWL

And you know what? The adoption of SMOWL has been a resounding success among CFT Manpower students. 

Yes! Taking assessments from the comfort of their homes or workplaces has eradicated geographical barriers and encouraged students from different regions of Chile to join this educational adventure. Bravo!

Automated Reports for Transparent Assessments

Ah, but there are more benefits. Professors are also delighted with SMOWL’s automated and customizable reporting. These reports provide them with objective evidence of any incidents during online assessments. That’s precisely what they needed! 

Transparency and objectivity in the assessment process have bolstered trust in the system. Everyone wins!

The Challenge of Online Education

CFT Manpower and Employment Integration

Remember their primary objective? To enhance the employment integration of their graduates. Yes, that’s CFT Manpower’s commitment. And they’ve truly delivered on it! 

The institution has shown genuine dedication to preparing its students for the professional world by offering high-quality, market-relevant distance education. That’s how it’s done!

Switching for the Better: Experience with Another Proctoring Company

Before using SMOWL, CFT Manpower had their first experience with another proctoring provider. However, after getting to know and test SMOWL’s tool for free, they were convinced to switch providers and choose SMOWL due to the advantages mentioned earlier.

Technology as an Educational Ally

And here comes the major message: technology is a potent tool for achieving success in digital education. SMOWL has been a key player in CFT Manpower’s success in delivering effective online education. This has contributed to successful employment integration.

An Amazing Future Awaits

So, in summary, we can affirm that CFT Manpower and SMOWL are the perfect duo to prepare you for an incredible future. Educational innovation and the integration of advanced technology like SMOWL have transformed online education into an enriching experience for all.

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The partnership between CFT Manpower and SMOWL has proven to be a success in enhancing distance education and the employment integration of its graduates. SMOWL has provided a reliable and secure solution for conducting assessments, preparing students for professional success. 

If you seek to improve your students’ educational experience and employment integration, don’t hesitate to join SMOWL.

Contact us right now and embark on your path to success. We’re here with open arms!

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