Classe365 and SMOWL help you expand your evaluation strategy

Classe365 and SMOWL join forces to deliver secure, accessible, and modern education of quality for all. Expand your online evaluation...
21 October 2022

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Classe365 and SMOWL help you expand your evaluation strategy

Classe365 and SMOWL join forces to deliver secure, accessible, and modern education of quality for all.

Expand your online evaluation strategy with industry-leading proctoring technology.

Combining SMOWL with Classe365, you can easily supervise your institution’s online exams.

Choose from our different supervision levels to obtain a tailored proctoring environment that suits your specific academic integrity needs.

With this partnership, your institution will be able to conduct online examinations and assessments in a modern, agile and secure way.

If you have any queries about Classe 365 or SMOWL, you can keep reading.

Why use online proctoring?

Despite being the leading system for ensuring a trustworthy and secure online examination process, many people today still ignore the many benefits of using proctoring technology or even don’t know what online proctoring is at all.  

The word proctoring comes from the Latin procurator, which referred to Roman officials who overviewed certain judicial and economic matters in the emperor’s place. 

Following this concept, online proctoring software allows you to supervise tests remotely by using technology to monitor a person’s behavior during an online exam or activity. 

At first glance, online monitoring may sound like a straightforward process, but there are many elements to consider when trying to avoid cheating and other suspicious behavior during an online test. 

Are your students wearing headphones? Are they using unauthorized material or notes? Is the person taking the test the actual person being examined, or are they being helped? 

An online proctoring tool allows you to easily avoid any of these (and more) suspicious behaviors, opening the gates to the many advantages of online evaluation.

These are a few examples of the benefits of online proctoring:

  • save money by entirely avoiding face-to-face exams and all the logistics that come with them.
  • adapt to every student’s needs, they can take the exam from their most preferred environment.
  • proctoring is even more secure than face-to-face exams since each student has their own “proctor” during the whole process.
Classe365 and SMOWL help you expand your evaluation strategy

What is SMOWL?

SMOWL is an online proctoring tool that seeks to make quality education more accessible to all, and this mission works through a remote monitoring software developed by Smowltech that ensures an examination process free of all suspicious behavior. This way, teachers can be certain the student has indeed acquired the intended knowledge, even when the test is being done online.

SMOWL can help anyone who needs to validate their knowledge remotely and has an internet connection.

Our clients are mainly educational institutions. However, we also work with companies, recruiting agencies, certifying agencies, financial institutions, or government entities, and more and more companies are joining the 100% online validation of identity and knowledge.

Our tool is focused on generating evidence for decision-making during the evaluation, preserving the academic integrity of your institution and your students. 

It is fully integrated with Classe365 (and other LMS platforms) and is ideal for e-learning, MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), and all types of training.

SMOWL supervision levels

SMOWL can offer you several products with different features and levels of security.

From quick and easy monitoring with a webcam to complete computer monitoring and increased surveillance.

Choose a SMOWL product tailored to your needs!

How is SMOWL integrated into Classe365?

How is SMOWL integrated into Classe365?

Thanks to the complementary features of these two tools, the integration has been a success.

This makes the activation of SMOWL in Classe365 extremely easy. 

Classe 365 students and partners will find the SMOWL tool in its Apps & Integrations section and they will have it installed in just a few clicks.

Your educational institution should get SMOWL licenses directly from our website.

If you have any problem accessing SMOWL? Reach our support team!

Do you want to expand your evaluation strategy? Try SMOWL for free

If you need any more information or you just want to try SMOWL, contact us today and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

We love working with Classe365!

Our sales team will be in touch with you soon to activate your license. If you would like to experience a free trial license to test Smowltech’s proctoring technology, just let our sales representatives know.

You can also check our FAQs page, where you will most likely find the answers you are looking for.

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