The digital revolution in CONTPAQi® Certifications

Many companies have taken advantage of the adversities of recent years to adapt, change and implement digitization in their day-to-day...
27 July 2022

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The digital revolution in CONTPAQi® Certifications

Many companies have taken advantage of the adversities of recent years to adapt, change and implement digitization in their day-to-day to generate a new link with their users, as is the case of CONTPAQi®.

CONTPAQi® is a Mexican company specialized, among other things, in accounting and administrative software.

Due to the changes of recent years, it has joined the digital revolution to continue to promote companies and professionals.

A protagonist of the digital revolution in Mexico: CONTPAQi®

CONTPAQi® is the company behind the best Mexican solutions in the accounting world for the efficient execution of fiscal and business processes.

It has more than 38 years of experience, and more than 950 thousand users have already streamlined their processes thanks to the tools offered by this business group.

CONTPAQi® is currently present in more than 800 universities in Mexico and is an authorized SAT certification provider.

Its commitment to raising awareness and encouraging people to create a better environment together is worth noting. This has helped CONTPAQi® to be recognized as one of the best places to work in Mexico for ten consecutive years and one of the protagonists of the Mexican digital revolution.

What is SAT?

SAT, or Servicio de Administración Tributaria, is an agency of the Federal Public Administration of Mexico that is mainly in charge of taxes, their collection, and the monitoring of compliance with tax obligations.

The digital revolution in CONTPAQi certifications

The digital challenge of certifications

The impromptu changes due to the pandemic and the strict regulatory standards that ensure some certifications’ trustworthiness outlined a new scenario in which solutions had to be sought to facilitate the assessment processes.

CONTPAQi® began looking for valid, viable, and secure options to monitor exams remotely without relying excessively on human resources.

The certifications issued by CONTPAQi® are reliable under any legal aspect and always comply with the guarantees of official bodies.

In this regard, it should be noted that CONTPAQi® certifications have the endorsement of the National Council for Standardization and Certification of Labor Competencies, ensuring that examinees have achieved specific labor competencies.

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A tool to achieve a goal in the age of the digital revolution

CONTPAQi® is a company that has its development team and, by its very nature, contributes to the digital revolution. Their goal was to continue certification operations without paralyzing the industry and without needing to supervise the exams in person.

In this case, the priorities were evident, and the team had to act quickly.

Among the options on the market, the SMOWL automated proctoring software for companies offered by Smowltech proved to be the safest option to guarantee the regulatory bodies’ requests without compromising on value for money.

In addition to scalability and support, Smowltech’s service offering helped CONTPAQi® in the following situations:

  • Authenticating users’ identity
  • Avoiding the increase in costs generated by evaluations
  • Providing constant and documented support to appraisers during decision making
  • Extending social impact to the foundation of CONTPAQi®’s business philosophy
A key player in Mexico's digital revolution

The results: omnichannel and digitization

The implementation of the SMOWL proctoring tool has been effective and carried out quickly.

To date, this has made it possible to reach many more users without forcing them to make unnecessary trips while maintaining the security and prestige of the certifications issued.

The CONTPAQi® team highlights that the use of the software offered by Smowltech has facilitated the evaluation process.

“An easy, safe and efficient process has been achieved for submitting CONTPAQi® certification without the need for travel or travel expenses… [now] any test can be taken in a secure environment, on a flexible schedule, and from any location,” says their Knowledge Manager.

Conclusions: the changes of the digital revolution that leave their mark

Faced with this new scenario of digitalization and transformation, a company that can provide value is the one that will be able to best adapt. These companies will also be able to think about what omnichannel strategy they can implement to put the focus on both current and potential customers.

C ONTPAQi® has the standard for information security ISO 27001, and the collaboration with Smowltech ensures data confidentiality and integrity.

The success of this collaboration continues to climb, putting CONTPAQi® among the national leaders driving the digital revolution in Mexico. Both companies are responsible for leading the way in the digital revolution, making the social impact a wider footprint.

Proctoring is a good traveling companion to prevent fraud in online assessments and allows the scope of this responsibility to expand. In this way, online testing will be crucial to unifying the use of new technologies and the human factor as a differential element.

Now, you can also allow evaluations from any location and at any time.

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