DISC personality test: how to use it in the recruitment process

Have you ever wondered what makes people tick? Why do some individuals naturally take charge in a group while others...
6 July 2023

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DISC personality test: how to use it in the recruitment process

Have you ever wondered what makes people tick? Why do some individuals naturally take charge in a group while others excel at building relationships? 

The DISC personality test is a powerful tool that provides insights into these questions and more. 

In this article, we will explore the meaning of the DISC test, its different types, and its benefits in understanding oneself and others. We will also give some keys to use it in the recruitment process.

What is the DISC personality test?

The DISC model is a psychometric test that traces its roots back to the work of psychologist William Marston in the early 20th century. Marston proposed that individuals possess distinct behavioral styles that can be categorized into four main types: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C).

  • Dominance (D): People with a dominant style tend to be assertive, direct, and goal-oriented. They are natural leaders who take charge and make decisions quickly.
  • Influence (I): Individuals with an influential style are outgoing, enthusiastic, and persuasive. They excel at building relationships and thrive in social settings.
  • Steadiness (S): Those with a steady style are reliable, patient, and supportive. They value stability and harmony and are great team players.
  • Conscientiousness (C): People with a conscientious style are analytical, detail-oriented, and systematic. They focus on accuracy and precision in their work.

Understanding these styles can provide valuable insights into how individuals communicate, make decisions, solve problems, and interact with others.

DISC personality test: how to use it in the recruitment process

Types of DISC Tests

The DISC test is available in various formats to cater to different preferences and needs

Online assessments are widely used, offering convenience and immediate results. 

Paper-based questionnaires are also available for those who prefer a physical copy. 

Additionally, some DISC tests are conducted through interviews, allowing for more in-depth exploration of personality traits.

Each type of test has its own advantages and limitations. Online assessments provide a quick and accessible way to discover your DISC style. Paper-based questionnaires may offer a more tangible experience and can be administered in group settings. Interview-based evaluations provide an opportunity for personalized feedback and clarification. 

Choosing the right type of test depends on individual preferences and requirements.

Benefits of DISC personality tests

Taking a DISC test offers numerous benefits for personal and professional growth of your company and employees:

  1. Improved self-awareness and understanding: The DISC test helps individuals gain insights into their natural tendencies, strengths, and areas for development.
  2. Enhancing communication skills: Understanding different personality styles allows individuals to adapt their communication to connect effectively with others.
  3. Strengthening teamwork and collaboration: By recognizing and appreciating the diverse strengths of team members, collaboration and synergy can be maximized.
  4. Personal and professional development: Armed with self-awareness, individuals can focus on personal growth, improve relationships, and achieve their goals.
  5. Career guidance and job suitability: The DISC test can provide valuable insights into career paths and help individuals align their strengths with suitable professions.
What is the DISC personality test?

How to Take a DISC Test

To get accurate results from a DISC test, it is important to approach the assessment with the right mindset and follow these guidelines:

  1. Preparing for the assessment: Find a quiet, distraction-free environment to complete the test. Set aside enough time to answer the questions thoughtfully.
  2. Providing honest responses: Answer the questions based on your genuine thoughts, feelings, and behaviors rather than what you believe is expected.
  3. Understanding the purpose of each question: DISC tests consist of a series of questions designed to evaluate your preferences and tendencies.
  4. Following instructions accurately: Pay close attention to the instructions and answer the questions accordingly.
  5. Ensuring a suitable testing environment: Choose a time and place where you feel comfortable and focused, allowing you to provide accurate responses.

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Interpreting the Results

Once you have completed the DISC test, you will receive a detailed report outlining your personality style and associated strengths. 

The report may include graphs, descriptions, and explanations of your primary and secondary styles. It is important to remember that no style is better or worse than others. Each style brings unique strengths and potential limitations.

By understanding your DISC style, you can apply the insights gained in various aspects of life. 

You can leverage your assertiveness to lead effectively if you have a dominant style. You can use social skills to build strong networks. If you have a steady style, you can bring stability and support to team environments. If you have a conscientious style, you can utilize your attention to detail.

How to Use the DISC personality test in recruitment processes?

While personality tests cannot be the sole selection tool in a recruitment process, they can be very useful for the HR team of your company, as we have just seen. 

In addition, new technologies can help simplify the processes so that you can focus on the results. They often yield good results in tests aimed at attracting leadership talent.

In Pre-employment Screening

The DISC test can be used as an initial screening tool to assess many candidates quickly. Its methodology allows for the automation of result analysis and comparison with the traits in the ideal profile predefined by the organization’s Human Resources (HR) department.

In a preliminary test before the interview

Similarly, the DISC model can be useful in a selective test prior to the interview when used in conjunction with other models to measure candidates’ experience and competencies.

The DISC test is available in various formats.

In the interview

The responses from a DISC test can reveal behaviors in the interview that may not be evident in a typical job interview. This can be especially useful for delving into the problematic areas of a person more effectively. 

Other selection experts use DISC surveys to delve into the candidate’s most motivating aspects and reduce the tension that may arise throughout the assessment. 

Likewise, the DISC test can be valuable within other HR strategies, such as performance evaluations or onboarding programs that facilitate the cultural integration of new employees.

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