Edu Labs and Moodle: the most reliable virtual learning platform

A large part of the educational community, with a presence in the digital sector, believes that Moodle is the most...
3 February 2023

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Edu Labs and Moodle: the most reliable virtual learning platform

A large part of the educational community, with a presence in the digital sector, believes that Moodle is the most reliable virtual learning platform, and Edu Labs has been aware of this since its inception. This cloud-based LMS, probably the most popular in the world, is the basis on which this company works.

And Edu Labs, which has specialized in eLearning solutions for over ten years, has always understood that each institution, company, or organization has specific needs. That’s why, through a specialized consulting process, they seek to achieve a deep understanding of the internal and external processes of each organization to adapt their eLearning solutions and build a 100% customized virtual learning environment.

Edu Labs, official Premium Moodle Partner

Edu Labs is an official Premium Moodle Partner in Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico, which guarantees that they have the necessary experience and knowledge to adapt the virtual learning platforms Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace, the version designed for the corporate sector, according to the specific needs of each institution.

They have a team of experts who can customize the entire platform, from brand identity to specific functionality, to meet the learning needs of each institution or organization. In this way, each platform managed by Edu Labs is unique. Additionally, they guarantee proper platform performance with a 99.9% service availability and support service every day of the year and 24 hours a day.

More than 1000 e-learning projects

Edu Labs, through its portfolio of solutions that unifies 3 business lines (virtual learning platforms, specialized consulting and development of technological tools), has been supporting all types of organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean in the construction of their virtual learning environments.

More than ten years of experience with its team of experts and developing more than 1,000 eLearning projects with the most recognized organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, guarantee high standards of quality and service.

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

Edu Labs, like Smowltech, actively seeks to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals related to education and sustainability. You can discover how we do this in this post.

E-proctoring Moodle with SMOWL

SMOWL, e-proctoring Moodle exams

Edu Labs is in constant communication with their customers to understand the latest needs of their organizations and, consequently, ally with companies whose educational technology products can be effectively integrated into Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace, to strengthen their functionalities and thus consolidate a virtual learning environment that meets their specific needs.

This is the case of the alliance between Edu Labs and Smowltech. Thanks to the SMOWL products, Edu Labs customers can access online supervision (proctoring) solutions to ensure the security of activities and exams carried out within their virtual learning environments in an integrated and secure way.

Edu Labs also collaborates with recognized data analytics, universal design, web accessibility, STEAM, and anti-plagiarism companies, among others, to help personalize the LMS platforms. They also can develop 100% customized and exclusive technological tools for their clients.

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SMOWL, Moodle exam proctoring tool

As previously mentioned, Edu Labs trusts SMOWL as the ideal proctoring tool for their clients using Moodle virtual learning platform.

This is because our software offers powerful integration with Moodle through a plugin that we have specifically developed for this platform that gets installed in seconds.

Thanks to this, end users will simply have to download it and link it to this LMS in a simple way.

Benefits of using SMOWL in Moodle

The use of our SMOWL system in LMS platforms such as Moodle presents the following benefits:

  • It presents a simple interface within Moodle for users who are going to take the exam or test and for the teachers who have to evaluate it.
  • Identification and registration of the person who will carry out the activity.
  • Access control before the activity: the system will constantly detect if the person taking the test is the same as the one on the registration.
  • Easy configuration to monitor all types of activities.
  • Generation of evidence reports of the behavior of users during activities, helping educators and companies to decide on the evaluation of their users.
  • Availability for different Moodle versions.

Do you want to know firsthand more benefits that a proctoring tool like SMOWL can bring to your institution or company? Ask us for a free demo, and we will solve all your doubts.

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