evACAD, upskilling and training for professionals in e-Mobility

Maintaining academic integrity has become a paramount concern for institutions worldwide in the rapidly evolving landscape of online education.  evACAD,...
31 May 2024

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evACAD, upskilling and training for professionals in e-Mobility

Maintaining academic integrity has become a paramount concern for institutions worldwide in the rapidly evolving landscape of online education. 

evACAD, a pioneer in training professionals in the e-Mobility domain has successfully navigated the challenges of the new learning methods by integrating SMOWL’s advanced AI-powered proctoring solutions into their online examination processes. 

About evACAD

evACAD, officially known as pManifold EV Academy, specializes in providing cutting-edge training and upskilling programs for electric mobility professionals in India in collaboration with the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology. 

In the last few years, this institution has consistently pushed the boundaries of online education, ensuring that learners receive top-tier training regardless of their physical location. 

They deliver impactful learning experiences through online modules, blended learning, and in-person programs. The trainers and mentors at evACAD are globally renowned EV experts with over 150 years of collective experience. Throughout the programs, learners are guided through optimal avenues in the e-Mobility industry to upskill and develop talent for building a sustainable planet.

evACAD, upskilling and training for professionals in e-Mobility

Using an applied learning approach, learners build credible industry-relevant skills across various domains of the e-Mobility industry, such as product strategy, engineering, validation, deployment, operations, and safety, from the perspectives of employment, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

evACAD places immense emphasis on learning by doing through carefully designed assignments, activities, case studies, and projects. By the end of the program, learners build a culminating, professionally-relevant portfolio that highlights the application of skill-based learning, ensuring they stay relevant with the fast-changing times.

Their mission is to create a skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and sustainability in the electric mobility industry.

The need for proctoring solutions for upskilling professionals

With the increasing reliance on online education, evACAD recognized the critical need to uphold the integrity and credibility of their online assessments. Traditional examination methods posed several challenges, including the risk of cheating, difficulties in verifying student identities, and the logistical issues of monitoring exams remotely. 

These challenges necessitated a robust proctoring solution that could ensure secure, fair, and efficient online examinations.

Cheating in online exams can undermine the credibility of an institution and devalue the certifications awarded. 

Moreover, the global reach of online education means that students from diverse geographical locations need to be assessed in a standardized manner. Ensuring that all students adhere to the same high standards, regardless of their location, is crucial for maintaining the reputation and value of the education provided.

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Why choose SMOWL for evaluating and training professionals?

evACAD chose SMOWL for its comprehensive and innovative approach to online exam proctoring. Here are the key reasons behind this decision:

  1. Advanced AI Technology: the tool utilizes cutting-edge AI to monitor exam sessions, providing accurate and reliable oversight without the need for human intervention. The AI can detect unusual behavior, ensuring that any suspicious activity is flagged for review.
  1. Comprehensive Monitoring: The platform offers extensive monitoring capabilities, including camera, screen, and microphone tracking, ensuring thorough supervision of the exam environment. This multi-faceted approach ensures that all aspects of the exam process are covered, leaving no room for dishonesty.
  1. User-Friendly Interface: SMOWL’s intuitive design makes it easy for both administrators and students to navigate and use the platform effectively. This ease of use reduces the learning curve and allows users to focus on their exams without technical distractions.
  2. Customizable Settings: they appreciated the ability to tailor SMOWL’s monitoring settings to their specific requirements, enhancing the tool’s flexibility and adaptability. This customization ensures that the proctoring solution can be adapted to various types of exams and assessment conditions.
  3. Reputation and Reliability: With a proven track record of reliability and effectiveness, SMOWL has established itself as a trusted solution in the field of online exam proctoring. Institutions worldwide rely on it to ensure the integrity of their online assessments.
  4. Seamless LMS Integration: tool’s compatibility with EVACAD’s existing Learning Management System (LMS) D2L Brightspace ensured a smooth and hassle-free implementation process. This integration allows for streamlined operations and ensures that all exam data is securely managed within a single system.
evACAD, officially known as pManifold EV Academy, specializes in providing cutting-edge training and upskilling programs for electric mobility

How SMOWL transformed evACAD’s exam process

The integration of SMOWL into the academy’s examination process has led to significant improvements in several key areas.

  • Enhanced Academic Integrity: AI-powered monitoring and identity verification features have substantially reduced the risk of cheating, ensuring that exam results are credible and trustworthy. The system’s ability to flag suspicious behavior in real-time has been particularly valuable, allowing for immediate intervention if necessary.
  • Improved Student Experience: The flexibility and convenience of taking exams remotely have been well-received by students, particularly those with mobility issues or those residing in remote areas. The stress associated with traveling to physical exam centers is eliminated, making the examination process more accessible and less daunting for all students.
  • Efficient Administration: The user-friendly interface and seamless LMS integration have streamlined the exam administration process, saving time and reducing the potential for technical issues. This efficiency has allowed to allocate more resources to improving educational content and student support services.
  • Scalability: SMOWL’s ability to handle large volumes of exam sessions simultaneously has enabled the institution to scale its operations effectively. As the demand for online education continues to grow, this scalability ensures that they can accommodate increasing numbers of students without compromising on the quality of their assessments.
  • Data Security: it ensures that all exam data is securely stored and managed, protecting student information and maintaining confidentiality. This focus on data security is essential in an increasingly prevalent era of cyber threats. In India, regulations related to remote supervision tools and online assessments primarily fall under the purview of educational and data privacy laws.
The need for proctoring solutions for upskilling professionals

evACAD challenges addressed by SMOWL

The institution faced several challenges before implementing SMOWL, which have been effectively addressed through this partnership

Traditional online exams were vulnerable to various forms of cheating, including impersonation and the use of unauthorized resources. SMOWL’s technology mitigates these risks by continuously monitoring and analyzing exam sessions.

“In one instance, we encountered a situation where a learner attempted to share screenshots of the exam questions on a WhatsApp group, seemingly unaware that their actions were being closely monitored by SMOWL”, explains Tanzeef Sayeed, Sr. Manager-Operations. Despite their belief that they could act with impunity, the AI-powered proctoring system quickly detected the unauthorized behavior, flagging it as a violation of exam integrity protocols.

Verifying the identity of remote students was a significant challenge. SMOWL’s facial recognition technology ensures that the person taking the exam is indeed the enrolled student, adding an essential layer of security to the examination process.

Also, the transition to online exams often involves technical difficulties that can disrupt the exam process. SMOWL’s seamless integration with LMS platforms and its user-friendly design minimize these issues, ensuring a smooth experience for both students and administrators.

Manually proctoring online exams is resource-intensive. SMOWL’s automated proctoring reduces the need for human proctors, allowing evACAD to reallocate resources to other critical areas, such as curriculum development and student support.

“In partnership with SMOWL, evACAD has redefined the boundaries of online education, ensuring that students can pursue their academic goals with confidence and integrity” 

Tanzeef Sayeed, Sr. Manager-Operations
EvaCAD's logo
Tanzeef Sayeed, Sr. Manager-Operations of evACAD

An inspirational outcome for training and upskilling professionals

By leveraging SMOWL’s advanced proctoring plans, the academy has upheld the highest standards of academic integrity and quality in its online courses and assessments. Their experience inspires other educational institutions, demonstrating that with the right tools and partnerships, it is possible to overcome the challenges of remote learning and provide students with a rigorous and credible educational experience.

One notable outcome of this partnership is the positive feedback from students who have praised the transparency and fairness of the online examination process. This positive student experience has not only enhanced its reputation but has also contributed to higher levels of student satisfaction and engagement.

In conclusion, the partnership between evACAD and SMOWL highlights the importance of embracing technological advancements in education.

As online learning continues to grow, institutions must prioritize the integrity and credibility of their assessments to maintain trust and uphold academic standards. 

This journey underscores the potential of proctoring solutions to revolutionize the future of online education and ensure a fair and secure learning environment for all.

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