GestyFor uses SMOWL proctoring to provide quality learning

Satisfying the training needs of the professionals who come to them is essential to GestyFor’s mission and success. Innovation, taxation, finance,...
18 November 2022

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GestyFor uses SMOWL proctoring to provide quality learning

Satisfying the training needs of the professionals who come to them is essential to GestyFor’s mission and success.

Innovation, taxation, finance, accounting, sales, criminal offenses, office automation…

Whatever the topic is, there is a growing demand to offer a top-level training experience with online supervision.

Therefore, not only industry leaders need to look for training technology platforms that include all learning modalities but also SMEs.

GestyFor aims to provide the best “training for a huge minority.” That, however, can be complicated if you do not have a large budget.

Finding a solid and flexible platform that easily adapts to technological systems such as GestyFor’s is paramount. These tools must be simple enough that a small team can reasonably and effectively handle them.

Choosing a good experience for users

The recent resolution of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds and the post-pandemic uncertainty encouraged GestyFor’s CEO, Vicente Calvo, to choose a scalable and secure proctoring platform for the company. 

The aim was to create a balanced and safe educational ecosystem for teachers, staff, and students with the best value for money.

Properly integrating the piece of software means that institutions, students, and teachers will learn to use it much faster and easier. At first, all proctoring tools may seem similar. You only need to delve deeper into the subject to discover many differences between them.

The most important characteristics considered by Vicente for GestyFor were:

  • Easy to integrate.
  • Cost.
  • Support.
  • User data protection.

According to Vicente, Smowltech stood out in this context as a solution that provides “all the pieces needed to complete the puzzle of training technology.” The different SMOWL products minimize bureaucracy, save time and money, and provide security for issuing certifications for future verification.

GestyFor uses SMOWL proctoring to provide quality learning

GestyFor encourages teaching, learning, and working remotely

GestyFor realized the actual value of having a cohesive proctoring tool when the pandemic hit with full force.

Together with the Smowltech team, GestyFor empowered their users to:

  • Keep learning safely, remotely, and with continuity.
  • Ensure legal and administrative compliance and respect for user data.
  • Eliminate time and geographical barriers by being able to take exams from any location and at any time.

Smowltech’s onboarding and support team stayed with GestyFor during the integration process. At first, many users needed clarification, and newer instructors asked for training. However, the fluidity and consistency of proctoring innovation allowed GestyFor to be transparent and accessible from all perspectives.

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Simplifying support

For GestyFor and its team, providing the various user groups with timely and impactful support is crucial. They work to ensure that training, resources, and support are accessible.

GestyFor has taken full advantage of Smowltech’s technical support to provide the training team and students with the necessary guidance at all times. That has helped them save much time.

What does the GestyFor team value the most about using SMOWL?

  • SMOWL’s reliability.
  • The ease of the process to comply with regulatory precepts.
  • The possibility of carrying out distance training with identity verification without needing technical knowledge and without having to make significant investments.
  • Ensure the integrity and quality of the certifications issued.
GestyFor Vicente Calvo

Improved quality and flexible course offerings

For the members of GestyFor, there are some undeniable conclusions:

  • Flexible learning models are here to stay.
  • The quality bar for online courses has been raised.
  • All training must meet high-quality digital standards.

As business structures are normalized and updated, GestyFor and its team have their priorities established. They are focusing on the digital transition and prioritizing intuitive software with well-organized reports for its visual appeal and, most importantly, for its ease of decision-making.

Flexibility to meet the unique needs of companies

The GestyFor team continues to work consistently to offer the best quality training. Thanks to SMOWL, the company has made its content more accessible, satisfied the company’s internal needs, and maintained its unique value.

Smowltech is happy to keep learning about cases like GestyFor that foster top-quality training while providing users with a secure and accessible environment.

If you also want to provide a safe learning environment for your users, request a free and personalized demo. Your online education and job training supervision problems will be no more when using SMOWL’s proctoring solutions.

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