Grow model for coaching: what is it and how to apply it?

The grow model for coaching is a strategy that allows the definition of objectives based on an exhaustive analysis of...
16 February 2023

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Grow model for coaching: what is it and how to apply it?

The grow model for coaching is a strategy that allows the definition of objectives based on an exhaustive analysis of the initial situation of the person receiving it and weighing all the existing possibilities to overcome any obstacle. This strategy allows the development of a structured and time-limited action plan. 

Thanks to this type of coaching, you can unleash the potential of your teams and improve their performance within a strategy of permanent personal growth of your employees. 

This is one of the reasons why in this article, we will talk to you about the grow model for coaching and how you can apply it in your training strategy. 

What is the grow model?

The grow model for coaching method is a method that allows the structuring of sessions in four phases that facilitate interaction between the coach (instructor) and the coachee (person receiving instruction). The goal is to establish the current state and the desired state, as well as to define the action plan to reach the latter.

GROW is an acronym for Goal, Reality, Options, and Will.

  • Goal: the objective. You must define the goal that should be achieved. SMART goals help you set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals.
  • Reality: the actual reality. It looks to analyze the starting point and the distance that separates you from the challenge.
  • Options: the options or resources. Consider the possibilities within your reach to overcome limitations.
  • Will: the will and commitment. Establishes the phases of a motivating action plan that favors commitment to achieving the specified goal.

As you can see, the grow coaching method is a simple but effective method that increases awareness of the coachee’s aspirations and also understands their current situation better.

Perhaps for this reason, it is one of the most widely used types of coaching to maximize the coachee’s potential.

Grow model for coaching

Grow model coaching questions: applying the model 

The grow model coaching technique is built through questions from the coach to the coachee that allow identifying the possibilities they have and to discover how to achieve the objectives set by focusing on what can be improved. 

The questions are organized in 4 phases – which respond to the concepts we have just discussed and which form the acronym grow – focused on an appreciative inquiry that unlocks and squeezes the person’s potential. 

Establish a goal

In this first step, the coach, through his questions, helps the coachee to set the objective and verify if it is an achievable goal.

He tries to get the person to establish which objectives they wish to achieve in the short, medium, and long term and also to analyze what steps are required or why they are essential. 

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Analyze the situation and anchor it to reality

In this phase, the coachee must be able to analyze the situation from different perspectives to access all possible options and thus find more than one solution to any obstacle.

The questions posed are of the following type: 

  • What is your current situation? 
  • What actions have you taken so far to change your current situation? 
  • How did you get to this point? 
  • What are the obstacles that are holding you back? 

The purpose of this type of question is to encourage the person to get out of his or her comfort zone.

What is the grow model

Overcome limitations

In this phase of the grow coaching method, the existing options that will allow reaching the pre-established objective(s) are analyzed. The condition, typical of all coaching techniques, is that the suggestions emanate from the coachees themselves.

Some grow model coaching questions that can help to unblock limitations are: 

  • What can you think of to achieve your goals? 
  • What could you do if you had more time?
  • Which of the options will work best?
  • Which possibility is the best option for you? 
  • What would achieving your goal take you away from?
  • Have you ever drawn up a concrete action plan to achieve your goals? 

This part of the grow model should allow you to make a detailed list of possibilities. 

In the face of the limitations that arise, the coachee should be able to find solutions to move forward by answering the question, “What if these limitations did not exist? 

Propose a detailed plan of action circumscribed in time

Thanks to all the answers and reflections of the coachees, at this stage of the grow coaching technique, they should have access to tools that will allow them to make a realistic action plan to which they feel committed until they reach their objectives. 

To do this, the person must find answers to questions similar to the following: 

  • How do you plan to achieve your goals?
  • When do you think you can reach them? 
  • Do you need support from other people? 
  • What obstacles do you have to overcome? 
  • Do you think you have a good chance of achieving your goals? 
Grow model coaching questions: applying the model

Staying motivated to succeed

With the willingness and involvement of the coachee, the grow coaching method will succeed, so motivation must be maintained throughout the process. 

This type of personal training must meet the expectations of the person receiving it and facilitate their personal and professional development thanks to their freedom of choice.  

In this way, this method is a powerful resource that increases the motivation and self-esteem of the teams. 

Grow coaching can also be carried out online as long as you have tools that guarantee the creation of accessible and secure environments that allow you to monitor the sessions while respecting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

At Smowltech, we have proctoring products that guarantee the security requirements set by this regulation. Find out what tools we can offer you to make your sessions a success. Request a free demo now. 

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