How can you remove your information from the internet?

Knowing how to remove your information from the Internet can help protect you from dangers associated with your digital footprint....
16 May 2024

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How can you remove your information from the internet?

Knowing how to remove your information from the Internet can help protect you from dangers associated with your digital footprint.

Phishing, theft of confidential information or cyberbullying are some of the dangers you may face if you do not properly manage your identity on the Internet.

You need to remember that your personal information can be stored in different sources, so you need to find effective ways to facilitate the proper management of your data. 

Don’t worry, in this article you will discover 7 effective ways to remove your information from the Internet. 

How can you remove your information from the internet?

Why is it important to remove your information from the Internet?

Removing your information from the Internet is important to conveniently manage your digital identity, an extension of your physical identity made up of personal data and actions such as reactions to publications, opinions about services, photos you upload, interactions, etc. 

All of this can be an open door for cybercriminals and expose you to the following risks: 

  • Phishing. Someone poses as a trusted vendor or institution.
  • Cyberharassment. One or more people stalk another person through the network, trying to humiliate them, etc.
  • Identity theft. When someone impersonates you on the network to other people, companies, organizations, etc.

Therefore, limiting or eliminating data on the Internet is important because it allows you to 

  • Manage and improve your online reputation, both personally and professionally.
  • Minimize risks. 
  • Reduce targeted advertising based on the purchase of databases.
  • Prevent leakage of sensitive information that could put you and your business at risk. 

For all of these reasons, reducing your fingerprint is highly recommended.

Why is it important to remove your information from the Internet?

How can you remove your personal information from the Internet? 7 effective ways

Now that you know that protecting your digital privacy is a way to protect your integrity and your assets, you probably wonder how do you delete personal information from the Internet. 

Before proceeding, it is important for you to understand that on the Internet, your information can be distributed in databases, online directories, public records, social networks, etc. 

You can proactively limit the data collected by these platforms by properly configuring your privacy settings. 

Request the removal of your data

Make a list of websites, search engines and service providers where you have created a profile or provided personal information, and request that they delete it. 

Pay particular attention to those that sell data to other service providers. Some of the free applications use your information to provide it to others, for example, to serve you personalized ads.

Remember that you have the right to request their deletion, unless they are necessary for the correct functioning of the platform from which you are consuming some type of service.  

In some cases, this action can be carried out manually in the appropriate section.

In Google’s specific case, the company offers the possibility of activating the automatic deletion of the data collected from your browsing in the privacy settings. 

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Remove cookies from your browser

Cookies are tracking systems that provide data about your browsing as the websites you visit and can increase your vulnerability. 

As a precaution, frequently delete them from the browser settings or browsers you use. 

Delete social networking profiles you don’t use

Over the years, many people have created various social networking accounts that they have abandoned. These accounts provide information that cybercriminals can use to impersonate you, among other things. 

To strengthen your online security, delete these outdated profiles and set private mode on the active networks. 

Request deletion of your network collaborations

If you have altruistically participated as a writer or content creator in a project that you are not particularly proud of and that contains personal information, request that this information be deleted.

Improving your online reputation is important when you are looking for a job or a client.  

How can you remove your personal information from the Internet? 7 effective ways

Pay attention to phone applications

Your digital footprint also includes any information you share or transmit through applications downloaded to your smartphone. 

We recommend that you limit them as much as possible and delete those that are unnecessary because they can facilitate the tracking of personal information or even the sale of your data to third parties.  

Use online protection software

There are online protection software and monitoring solutions to track your online reputation. They work automatically on 3 levels

  1. Perform a deep scan of the entire Internet directly but also indirectly, i.e. determine if any contact has ever shared personal information that concerns you. 
  2. Removes your personal information from hundreds of online sources to protect your privacy. 
  3. Perform regular monitoring as a proactive measure. 

Maintain your digital hygiene

Finally, one way to manage your data and anticipate potential risks is to maintain digital hygiene that allows you to protect your information, such as using an incognito browser and only using secure platforms. 

At Smowltech, we offer our clients innovative online monitoring solutions through customizable proctoring plans that allow you to protect the privacy of your users. Request a free demo to see how our technology can help you combine innovation with security.

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