How to take online tests safely?

Knowing how to take online tests safely is critical in an increasingly digitized world that demands a change in how...
5 July 2022

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How to take online tests safely?

Knowing how to take online tests safely is critical in an increasingly digitized world that demands a change in how we assess. In fact, providing secure environments for students has become a real added value to reinforce trust in educational institutions. 

Before we dive into how to get the security your students deserve, we want to talk about some of the online testing platforms you can use.

10 platforms to take online exams

Taking online tests is becoming easier and easier thanks to tools that allow you to create and correct exams. 

We talk about some of them so that you can get an idea of the resources you can find that can also improve the performance and skills of examinees.


Moodle is an open-source, all-in-one learning platform that is highly customizable and very easy to use. 

It has several plugins to enhance the learning experience and shape all kinds of tests. In addition, you can count on the support of a very active community.

Open LMS

Open LMS is an open source software based on Moodle that has a very useful tool: the Open LMS Massive Exams, so you can take massive online exams.


Blackboard allows you to create content through a simplified platform of intuitive workflows that makes it easy for you to analyze interactions with your students to improve their academic efficiency. 

How to take online tests safely?


Canvas is one of the most requested educational platforms because of its tools, such as Canvas LMS to develop your courses and encourage participation, Canvas Studio to create a video learning platform, or Canvas Catalog, which is ideal for displaying all the educational offerings of your institution. 


Revolutionize your educational method thanks to D2L‘s multi-device tools focused on reinforcing your students’ potential. 

Students will be able to track their progress based on their grades and participation achievements, in addition to being able to exchange impressions in discussion forums. 


Classe365 is a school management software offering solutions to manage the entire learner journey, from admissions until alumni and beyond.

It has a modular structure that allows you to customize the solution based on your requirements.


evolCampus is an e-learning platform in the cloud that adapts to all types of educational projects due to its incredible versatility. 

It has been designed to be used by people without technical knowledge, but it is still highly efficient. 

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Educativa is a complete option that offers different platforms according to the needs of your project. 

It manages training based on positions and profiles, systematizes performance management, creates a training plan based on technical competencies or even creates a repository of educational content. 

Avanzo LMS

Avanzo LMS helps you identify the needs of your learners, whatever their profile. It is fully compatible with AICC and ADL SCORM 1.2 standards.

Chamilo LMS

Chamilo LMS is an open-source virtual campus supported by an association with the same name whose objectives include contributing to the reduction of the digital divide and access to education in the poorest countries. 

platforms to take online tests

5 tips to take online tests safely

There are multiple ways to hack an online exam. For this reason, we want to share with you 5 tips to take online exams securely: 

  1. Schedule a test session before the exam. 
  2. Verify the student’s identity to avoid impersonation.
  3. Limit the time of the test and avoid multiple choice questions.
  4. Use a plagiarism detector.
  5. Use an online proctoring tool.

Schedule a test session before the exam. 

This step is necessary to familiarize your students with the test methodology, especially if they take one of your online exams for the first time. 

Throughout this session, explain the evaluation process in detail, reserving a section for actions that are allowed and those that are not. Make sure there is no doubt about this. 

Verify the student’s identity to avoid impersonation.

Two-step verifications are not enough to avoid impersonation. 

This is why at Smowltech we use, for example, artificial intelligence and facial recognition to verify the user’s identity and monitor the test.   

Limit the time of the test and avoid multiple choice questions.

As a security measure, you can limit the time available for the test or even the time stipulated for each question. 

Avoid writing multiple choice questions, and activate the random loading option per exam.

In this way, you will reduce the possibility of plagiarism or third-party interventions. 

Tips for taking online tests safely

Use a plagiarism detector

There are several tools available on the Internet that allow you to detect plagiarism in exams. 

Thanks to them, you will be able to see which answers result from the copy and paste function resulting from Internet searches or information that the student may have received by other digital means. 

Use an online monitoring tool

Online proctoring tools offer you professional functionalities that are based on proctoring. This technology allows exams to be taken in a secure environment by monitoring the student’s activity at all times. 

Something you must keep in mind when using these monitoring tools is that they must respect the privacy of students and the General Data Protection Regulation. 

At Smowltech we are aware of the needs of educators in the face of the increasingly standardized implementation of online exams and tests. This is why we offer proctoring products that allow you to expand your online pedagogical offerings in a secure, inclusive, and respectful way. 

Request your free demo, where we will share solutions for your online exams that can help you. 

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