Hybrid jobs: meaning, models and benefits

Hybrid jobs have become more prominent since the pandemic of COVID-19 led to the mobilization of millions of workers to...
3 November 2022

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Hybrid jobs: meaning, models and benefits

Hybrid jobs have become more prominent since the pandemic of COVID-19 led to the mobilization of millions of workers to work remotely around the world. 

Today, the trend of the new normal is centered on two types of companies: those that are gradually returning to face-to-face work and those that, having seen the advantages of remote work, are adopting, if not 100% remote work, then a hybrid approach based on combining the best of each model. 

The hybrid model is here to stay, and for this reason, we think it is necessary to talk to you about its meaning, what models there are and what benefits it can bring you. 

What is a hybrid job?

Hybrid jobs combine face-to-face and remote work that takes advantage of the best of each to find a point of balance that does not negatively affect either the company or the employees. 

This new way of working allows you to be proactive in the event of the reintroduction of health measures that require a distance from people, but mainly facilitate family reconciliation policies for your employees. 

While it is true that 100% remote work can cause a feeling of isolation in the worker that can affect their mood, even reducing their productivity, hybrid work is shown as an effective solution to this problem. 

Although some experts point out that it is only a half step on the road to 100% remote work that will eventually prevail, the truth is that in sectors where it is possible to work remotely, as is the case of large technology companies, the hybrid mode is already a reality. 

Hybrid jobs

What hybrid job examples can you find?

One of its benefits – we will see the rest in the next section – is its great flexibility in implementation. 

Here are some of the most popular hybrid job examples and models.

3 + 2 or 2 + 3 hybrid model

This model allows you to come to the company three days a week and work remotely another 2 -or vice versa-. It all depends on what you want to prioritize, whether to work in the office or from home.

Some companies concentrate on remote work at the beginning or end of the work week. 

Hybrid shift model

Another modality is to work mornings or afternoons remotely in companies where they apply a split shift.

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Hybrid weekly model

This third option proposes that workers come to the company one week out of two, working the other from their homes or from coworking centers near their homes if they do not have the peace of mind or the necessary space in their homes to carry out their professional activity in optimal conditions. 

Flexible hybrid model 

The flexible model is one of the most widely used, as it allows the different work formulas to be adjusted to the needs of the companies. 

In this bidirectional model, the company and the employee agree on the conditions and cadence of the hybrid work. 

What is a hybrid job?

What are the benefits of hybrid jobs?

A hybrid job brings with it several not-inconsiderable benefits for both the employee and the company. 

If you manage to implement it successfully, you can benefit from the following: 

  • Improved productivity by increasing the employee experience. By reducing the time spent on travel, teams are more motivated and can better reconcile the professional and personal levels. 
  • Increases employee engagement by involving them directly in the work organization and trusting their sense of responsibility. 
  • It allows the adoption of the most convenient solution for everyone thanks to the flexibility that characterizes this system, which positively impacts talent retention.
  • It facilitates the implementation of innovative processes that improve the competitiveness of companies. 
  • It lowers real estate costs by reducing the need for a certain number of on-site spaces per employee. Each space can now be shared or rotated instead of being nominative. 
  • Improves resiliency in the face of obstacles and unforeseen events. Having teams familiar with remote work guarantees project continuity in the face of adverse circumstances.
What are the benefits of hybrid jobs?

Do not forget that implementing a remote work strategy, even in a hybrid way, provides you with the necessary experience and resources to access the freelancer. This can be very useful in volatile markets where uncertainty reigns.

However, not everything is rosy, and the hybrid model faces a challenge: finding the balance between ensuring the well-being of workers, maintaining corporate values, nurturing collaboration between teams, and achieving the objectives necessary to fulfill the business strategy. 

All of this requires the involvement of the organization as a whole. It also requires that as an employer or a representative of the Human Resources Department – HR – you are able to facilitate the development and implementation of the HR strategy. 

At Smowltech, we are aware of the implications and needs of this major paradigm shift in the labor sector, which is why we have developed innovative solutions that will help you provide safe working environments for your remote employees and that will also help you boost your HR strategies.  

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