IEP: a gateway to fair and quality education

Some institutions have perfectly internalized the fact that many people want to be trained but cannot access a face-to-face methodology...
25 July 2022

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IEP: a gateway to fair and quality education

Some institutions have perfectly internalized the fact that many people want to be trained but cannot access a face-to-face methodology due to their obligations, characteristics, or location.

This is the case of Instituto Europeo de Posgrado (IEP), an entity that offers 100% online postgraduate training (Masters and MBA) to facilitate access to training for all these people.

IEP, the 7th best online training institution in the Spanish-speaking world

Instituto Europeo de Posgrado (IEP) offers more than a million teaching hours to students of different nationalities and professions through its virtual campuses. 

Among its partners, they count with Corporación Universitaria de Asturias, Universidad Europea de Monterrey and Summa University.

For this purpose, this institution counts among its directors and teachers, with professors and graduates from the most prestigious international Universities and Business Schools. 

This has led it to be recognized as the 7th best online training institution in the Spanish-speaking world in the report carried out by the market research consultancy Hamilton Global Intelligence.

At the forefront of online education technology

IEP has been obsessed for years with daily improving its methodology, always using the most advanced technology and means, and trying to incorporate the latest developments in online training into its programs and in the evaluation phase. But, as in most sectors, the arrival of the pandemic was a clear turning point in this area.

«We began by conducting face-to-face exams, but as a result of COVID19, we had to adopt other mechanisms to certify the identity of the students and validate that they took the tests correctly», says Nuria Segovia-García, the institution’s Director of Technology.

Initially, they opted for personal proctoring, conducting the identifications using videoconferencing tools with small groups and continuously monitoring the exams through the camera. Still, they soon found themselves limited, as with this system, they had to stick to a maximum group size of 10 to 15 students per session.

IEP: a gateway to fair and quality training

Taking proctoring to a new level with SMOWL+

This concern for continuous improvement characterized IEP and led them to the SMOWL+ version of the SMOWL automated proctoring software for educational institutions offered by Smowltech.

As Segovia-García mentions, “evaluation is a continuous process based on multiple pieces of evidence, among which we can collect live case studies, exams or developments that involve verifying the identity of users to ensure a reliable process. Tools such as SMOWL make this process more flexible by offering different alternatives to guarantee fair and quality evaluation processes”.

This fair and quality education must also be reflected in the evaluation process. That is precisely why IEP has opted for SMOWL+, adding an extra layer of security that includes computer monitoring in addition to biometric identification and random image monitoring. 

In addition, it is a tool that allows students from all over the world to access their exams since it works with less powerful internet connections than usual. Smowltech and IEP share part of their DNA in their quest for fair and quality training.

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The peace of mind of taking an exam with SMOWL

More than a thousand IEP students have also benefited from incorporating the SMOWL+ tool in their evaluation process. Thanks to it, they have been able to minimize their travel time, which is very positive considering that most of their students are people who, in addition to training, have to combine their time with other responsibilities

Although there is always some clueless person who forgets that an indispensable element to be able to perform the test remotely is… a webcam.

For the institution, the most important thing has been to be sure that the exams are being conducted correctly, without concerns about the identity of the students or any impermissible actions they may be performing during the exam.

The guarantee of a complete and safe process

Nuria Segovia-García, IEP Director of Technology

Nuria Segovia-García, Director of Technology

«We must get used to these tools that are here to stay and improve the quality of online training», explains Segovia-García.

As an institution, working with Smowltech has enabled IEP to successfully authenticate the identity of users in the assessment process, prevent fraud and create a fair and secure assessment environment for all students who have chosen to take the online exam. 

But that’s not all. Collaterally, the integration of SMOWL+ into their virtual campus has also made it possible for them:

  • Simplify processes.
  • Save time.
  • Facilitate the evaluation process.
  • Improve opportunities for users through a comprehensive and quality evaluation.

As IEP is well aware, technology continues to facilitate and improve opportunities for access to quality training.

That is where e-proctoring and Smowltech’s proposal come in.

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