Edu Labs and SMOWL, in search of inclusion in education

One of the main points in common between Edu Labs and Smowltech is the continuous search for inclusion in education. ...

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Edu Labs and SMOWL, in search of inclusion in education

One of the main points in common between Edu Labs and Smowltech is the continuous search for inclusion in education

For this reason, we have considered this objective one of the main pillars of our partnership. It is not just a small-scale internal goal; rather, the basis of all this will be goals 1, 4, and 13 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which already has an international scale.

But what do we mean by inclusion in education and education for sustainable development? 

Let’s analyze it in the following paragraphs.

What is inclusion in education?

The inclusive education definition tells us that it is an approach that seeks to ensure that all students, regardless of their differences, have access to high-quality education and fully participate in the classroom (both physical and virtual classroom) and the academic community.

Inclusion in education is based on the principle that all students deserve equal opportunities and strives to remove barriers that prevent certain groups of students from fully participating in learning.

Inclusive education also promotes diversity and acceptance of all individual differences in the academic community.

Inclusive education barriers and solutions

As we have already mentioned, several barriers prevent a large number of students from different countries from having full access to education.

We can recognize the following barriers:

Inclusion in education Edu Labs

Technological barriers

The technological barrier can be an obstacle to inclusive education because it can limit some students’ access to technology and online learning resources.

For example, some students may not have access to high-speed internet at home, preventing them from fully participating in online learning or using specific learning resources.

Smowltech, through SMOWL and Edu Labs through LMS platforms like Moodle, allows education development with basic internet connections. These platforms provide a flexible and adaptable approach for students with limited access to technology, which facilitates inclusive education.

Economic barriers

This barrier can limit some students’ access to high-quality education and the resources they need to be successful.

For example, some students may not have access to textbooks, study materials, or adequate technology due to their economic situation.

The remote education that both Edu Labs and Smowltech promote allows for reducing the cost of these resources. It makes it possible to provide students with access to digital materials and resources so they can have access to them from any location with an internet connection. 

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Geographic barrier

Some students may live in rural or remote areas with no nearby schools or limited transportation. Other students may live in areas with high levels of violence or conflicts that make it dangerous for them to attend school.

To overcome this barrier, it is important to provide options for distance and online education. That is what we do at Smowltech, with our proctoring tools, and at Edu Labs, with its remote learning services.

A great example of this can be seen in the collaboration between Edu Labs and Tula Foundation, which have managed to train health personnel in difficult-to-reach rural areas in Guatemala. 

This partnership allows these students to access education and training remotely, which helps to address the barriers caused by a lack of access to physical resources and increases access to education for all students, regardless of where they live.

What is inclusion in education?

What is education for sustainable development?

Sustainable Development Education (SDE) is an approach to education that seeks to promote understanding and commitment to sustainable development

Sustainable development refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

SDE aims to promote a change in attitudes and behaviors in individuals to become more responsible and sustainable at the individual and community levels. 

It covers several topics, such as the environment, economy, social equity, and peace. It focuses on lifelong learning and promotes the development of decision-making and problem-solving skills at the local and global levels.

SDE also includes critical reflection on sustainable development’s values and principles and promotes active participation and civic engagement. 

Technology at the service of the planet

At Smowltech, we firmly believe in our ability to contribute to the previously mentioned United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with our remote supervision solution.

If you want to know more about our social commitment, we invite you to learn about everything we do to build trust in distance education.

In this approach, we are also backed by Edu Labs, a company founded in 2011 that specializes in virtual learning platforms, specialized eLearning consulting, and the development of technological tools.

In their day-to-day, they support all types of organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean in building their virtual learning environments.

They offer technological solutions to meet eLearning needs in the educational, corporate, and government sectors. Additionally, they are official Premium Partners of Moodle in Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador.

With Smowltech and Edu Labs’ solutions, your institution or company will have everything necessary to develop a 100% remote education program.

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