Online programs and their prestige at Universidad de León

Studying an online program has become, over time, and thanks to technological advances, a valid option as learning a traditional...
31 May 2023

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Online programs and their prestige at Universidad de León

Studying an online program has become, over time, and thanks to technological advances, a valid option as learning a traditional on-campus degree in the purest classic style. 

Thanks to the prestige of institutions like Universidad de Leon, which continues to increase its commitment to this formula, we can say that, in many cases, these types of degrees are much more convenient for many students.

In this post, we will thoroughly analyze the benefits of online programs, using the example of Universidad de León, one of the most prestigious universities in Spain.

Online programs and their prestige at Universidad de León.

What is an online university program?

An online university program is an academic degree taught through the Internet. Students can access study materials, complete assignments, participate in discussion forums and take online exams from anywhere with an Internet connection through a virtual campus.

This type of distance education program can have a flexible schedule structure, allowing students to adapt their studies to their work schedules or other commitments. Students can also interact with their teachers and classmates through online chats, video conferences, and other communication tools.

One of the leading Spanish universities in adopting this modality is Universidad de León. This prestigious university ranks among the top 350 young universities in the world, according to the famous “Times Higher Education” (THE) ranking in 2022.

Among its most outstanding branches are the Faculty of Education, Social and Health Sciences, and Physical and Life Sciences (which includes training in Biology, Veterinary, or Forestry fields).

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What online programs can I study at Universidad de León?

Following the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Universidad de León decided to offer some of its degrees and Masters online. 

This previously extraordinary format has now established itself as a trend, allowing them to offer their training to the entire Spanish-speaking community without the need for infrastructure in different locations.

Therefore, currently, the Universidad de León offers both Masters and an online degree to enhance the development of talent, the acquisition of skills, and the student’s leadership ability to effectively integrate into today’s society.

There is a wide variety of programs and Masters available, such as the Degree in Information and Documentation, the Master’s in Innovation in Biomedical and Health Sciences, the Master’s in Cybersecurity Research, the Master’s in Aging, or the Master’s in Big Data, among many others. 

They also offer distance learning programs such as the Masters in Legal Argumentation or the Specialist Title in Applied Emotional Intelligence.

Advantages of studying an online program at the Universidad de León

Advantages of studying an online program at the Universidad de León

Beyond the general benefits of studying for an online degree, such as flexibility and autonomy, cost and time savings, studying at the Universidad de León has some differential advantages.

  1. Academic quality: The Universidad de León has a long history in higher education and is committed to academic excellence. The online Masters and degrees offered are taught by a highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.
  1. Flexible schedule: The study programs have a flexible schedule structure that allows students to adapt their studies to their needs and responsibilities.
  1. Innovation and technology: The university is committed to innovation and technology and uses state-of-the-art digital tools and platforms for learning, allowing students to develop digital and online communication skills.
  1. Support and tutoring: They offer personalized support to students through tutoring and academic support, allowing them to receive the necessary support for their academic success.
  1. Official recognition: The degrees obtained through the Universidad de León’s online programs have the same official recognition as on-campus programs, giving students the same validity and prestige.​

That recognition and the reliability and security of its online exams and tests have come hand in hand with SMOWL proctoring products

The online programs of Universidad de León before SMOWL

Before using SMOWL for the exams of their online master’s degrees and degrees, they collaborated with other institutions where they could take them, but having to adapt to their calendar resulted in “really reduced” times with the corresponding “difficulties for teachers and students”, as explained by Mario Grande de Prado, Director of ULe Online Area.

At an organizational and administrative level, it also represented a “not insignificant” workload, where multiple factors (shipments, coordination with other institutions, reservation of external spaces, etc.) made exams a “fragile” process.

To address these handicaps, this institution chose SMOWL’s tool to supervise official online degree exam sessions.

It should be noted that they opted for the Smowltech option “due to the profile and trajectory of the company, the confidence generated by its privacy management, compatibility with different devices, customer service, and data management,” says Mario Grande de Prado.

“SMOWL allows for simple and adaptable evaluation testing, identifying students while preserving their privacy.”

Mario Grande de Prado, Director of ULe Online Area
Universidad de León online logo.
Mario Grande de Prado, Director of ULe Online Area.

Completing a distance program thanks to SMOWL

Being able to carry out or complete a distance degree 100% safely and reliably is one of the great advantages that SMOWL proctoring provides throughout this process.

One of the advantages that Universidad de León students value most is the convenience of avoiding travel, with the effort, expenses, and complications that it entails.

Teachers, for their side, believe that offering these degrees in a national or international setting requires measures such as proctoring, especially in the case of face-to-face universities with a limited offer of online master’s and degrees.

Although many still advocate for face-to-face education, carrying out a pilot test with them and facilitating training and refresher activities has helped them to evaluate this online supervision system positively.

In any case, both technical and teaching staff at Universidad de León highlight the ease of integration into the virtual campus without the need for compelling devices or particularly demanding bandwidth.

They also highlight the ease of identification, even when students did not have optimal conditions (lighting, connectivity, etc.).

The future of distance programs through proctoring

The good reception of the evaluations carried out through SMOWL and of online master’s and degrees in general demonstrate the interest that this modality has generated. Something that is expected to evolve into an increase in fair and accessible training offerings for all.

For Mario Grande de Prado, “Latin America can represent a revolution for Spanish universities, as is being noticed for some time now, especially in master’s and doctoral programs.”

At the same time, he invites other institutions to “ask, try, and train themselves. The solution itself is simple and elegant.”

Taking up the baton left by his words, we only say that if you are part of one of those institutions that want to overhaul its online evaluation processes, do not hesitate to request a free demo of our software.

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