The implementation of an online supervisor for your university

Using online supervisor software in higher education is becoming more and more common. The Universidad De Las Américas – UDLA...
16 November 2022

Using online supervisor software in higher education is becoming more and more common. The Universidad De Las Américas – UDLA – was searching for a way to help applicants take the admission exam without traveling to the campus.

With Smowltech software, you can take exams remotely and securely. By using the SMOWL proctoring tool, professors have access to a detailed report of their students’ monitored tests.

Due to the uncertainty brought about by the 2021 pandemic, the Universidad De Las Américas decided to carry out a pilot program for a specific group of undergraduate students to assess the SMOWL offer. By doing so, the UDLA aimed to maintain the standards of quality and integrity.

This pilot program produced favorable results, and the Universidad De Las Américas chose to expand the use of SMOWL to the rest of the subjects.

Smowltech provides technical support during the implementation process

Smowltech’s team provided information and constant communication for the correct and safe implementation of the supervision software. The UDLA was able to implement SMOWL in a short time successfully.

Smowltech helps you change to a different LMS

The UDLA constantly seeks to improve its technological processes, so it changed its LMS (Learning Management System) from Moodle to D2L’s BrightSpace.

Smowltech and the UDLA worked together to implement the new LMS and took it as an opportunity to grow further. By adapting this service to BrightSpace, we took a step further to ensure academic honesty.

The implementation of an online supervisor for your university

SMOWL’s scalability, one of its main advantages

The UDLA realized that SMOWL allows massive use for simultaneous supervision of multiple users and can gradually increase the number of users that need to be included in the software. In addition, it allows a registered user to take an unlimited number of exams.

The results of implementing an online supervisor

  • UDLA implemented the online supervision system for all undergraduate blended learning programs with hybrid and flex modalities and online and face-to-face master’s degrees.
  • Migrating from Moodle to D2L’s Brightspace LMS involved stabilization and training processes.
  • SMOWL allows the massive and simultaneous use of many users, making it possible to carry out huge examinations.
  • Last year, the UDLA supervised around 17,000 users.

Why choose SMOWL over any other monitoring software in higher education?

One of the main factors that UDLA considered in choosing SMOWL was that they provide a detailed incident report, webcam monitoring, and desktop monitoring.

The report is easy to read and lets you use filters to make a faster exam review.

Smowltech provides technical support during the implementation process

What does the University of the Americas like the most about SMOWL proctoring?

The best thing is the comprehensive monitoring of the student and how easy it is to interpret the report provided by the system. All of these are valuable features for the UDLA.

The experience of the Universidad De Las Américas using SMOWL

The UDLA has undergone a complex adaptation process. The gradual introduction of SMOWL was necessary to make the most of the online supervisor tool

SMOWL has been a handy tool to tackle online cheating and ensure the integrity of student evaluation processes.

More about the Universidad De Las Américas

The UDLA has been characterized by being at the forefront of Higher Education since its foundation in 1995. Locally, the UDLA proudly stands as the Private University with the most significant number of students.

The Universidad De Las Américas continually invests in the latest technology and manages projects that improve institutional processes and complement academic development. Due to the current labor needs of Ecuador and the world, the UDLA offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and ongoing education programs in face-to-face, hybrid, and Flex modalities. The UDLA has three campuses in the Metropolitan District of Quito, Pichincha – Ecuador.

Implementing a scalable online supervisor is possible

Implementing a scalable online supervisor is possible

Implementing an online supervisor tool on a large scale takes time and effort. However, the UDLA’s experience shows that, with the help of the technical and support team, it becomes a reasonably accessible process.

SMOWL’s scalability makes it a perfect system for big projects. The tool can be used simultaneously by many users quickly and safely. For this reason, this is the best choice for an online supervisor tool in higher education. 

Contact us today to learn more about our products and get a free demo of SMOWL. You will discover that adopting a remote monitoring tool is more accessible and safer than ever.

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