Ramar FP and the transformation of online vocational training

In today’s educational landscape, adaptability and innovation are essential for maintaining the integrity and dynamism of academic assessments. Take, for...
17 November 2023

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Ramar FP and the transformation of online vocational training

In today’s educational landscape, adaptability and innovation are essential for maintaining the integrity and dynamism of academic assessments.

Take, for instance, Ramar FP, an institution that has discovered in SMOWL not merely a cutting-edge tool but also a strategic ally in overcoming the challenges of modern education.

Exploring the future of online vocational training with Ramar FP

In the continuous search for educational centers that offer comprehensive training suited to the current times, Ramar FP, situated in Sabadell (Barcelona), stands out as a beacon of knowledge and practical skills, equipping today’s generations for the fast-paced job market.

This institution has woven an educational approach that not only fosters academic learning but also lays the foundation for strong values such as effort, tolerance, and social responsibility. This commitment to the holistic growth of students prepares not only sharp minds but also conscientious hearts.

Ramar FP and the transformation of online vocational training

Project-Based Learning (PBL) as their method

At Ramar FP, Project-Based Learning (PBL) drives their methodology, embodying a hands-on approach that encourages collaboration, curiosity, and student autonomy.

Through this lens, students do not just learn; they “do,” transforming each lesson into a meaningful experience.

Digital transformation of their academic assessments

Alicia Molina Vargas, the coordinator of vocational training at Ramar FP, is well-versed in the challenges of vocational education. Her role is crucial in managing and developing educational programs that shape and guide students academically, personally, and professionally.

Under her guidance, Ramar FP embarked on a digital transformation mission to adapt their evaluation methods to a remote format, enabling exams to be taken from anywhere in Spain.

The decision to adopt an online proctoring tool stemmed from the need to transfer the rigor and oversight of in-person examinations to the virtual space. Favorable reviews from other educational institutions and the monitoring system by Smowltech played a key role in selecting this platform.

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Innovation and security in online vocational education

SMOWL’s specific use at Ramar FP was focused on monitoring online exams. Alicia Molina, serving both as administrator and examiner,experienced firsthandd the benefits of a system that controls if a student has unauthorized applications open during an exam.

This capability, along with multi-camera supervision, has created a fair and secure environment for student evaluations.

The institution quickly implemented advanced features such as webcam monitoring, audio capture, and additional camera surveillance to maximize evidence during tests and ensure their integrity in online vocational assessments.

Benefits and tangible results

Since adopting SMOWL, Ramar FP has successfully tackled multiple challenges, from verifying user identities to enabling evaluations at any time and place. Moreover, they have managed to avoid the costs associated with traditional evaluations and have provided constant support to evaluators.

Users have positively embraced this transition to online exams. Although initial data was lacking, the trend has shown that approximately 80% of students prefer the remote modality for its convenience and flexibility.

Ramar FP and the transformation of online vocational training

Looking toward the future of academic evaluations

Ramar FP envisions a future where proctoring will play a decisive role in online evaluations, allowing them to expand their geographic reach and welcome students from various regions.

This projection aligns with the institution’s values of improving opportunities through quality and accessible education.

Ramar FP’s experience with SMOWL has been enriching and eye-opening. In this context, they advise future users to thoroughly explain the monitoring process and provide robust student support services to resolve any technical issues. They also recommend conducting practice runs before final exams to familiarize students with the platform.

Exploring the future of online vocational training with Ramar FP

Ramar FP’s success story with Smowltech is a testament to how technology can bridge distances and break down educational barriers. Alicia Molina and her team have shown that with the right tools, the quality and rigor of academic assessments can be assured, no matter the student’s geographical setting.

Implementing SMOWL at Ramar FP is evidence that education is evolving and that adaptability and innovation are achievable with technological allies that understand and meet the needs.

It’s no secret that more interactive and practical dynamics are replacing traditional teaching methods.

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