Opquast certification: web quality assurance management

Over the last few years, Opquast certification has become a reference in accrediting a web project’s quality. Not surprisingly, more...
10 February 2023

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Opquast certification: web quality assurance management

Over the last few years, Opquast certification has become a reference in accrediting a web project’s quality. Not surprisingly, more than 16,000 Internet professionals have received training in recent months and have had their web competencies recognized thanks to this certificate.

The main goal of the Opquast certification is to create checklists to measure the quality of sites, immerse web professionals in a common culture, and encourage and support an ecosystem of people and entities motivated to improve quality assurance.

To achieve this, they have relied on online training tools through a course called “Quality management in web projects” and have opted for a proctoring system such as SMOWL, which has allowed them to certify that this training has been evaluated integrally and safely.

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Quality assurance before proctoring

As Patricia Cardesa -Opquast’s Customer Success Manager- explains, before using the SMOWL proctoring solution, Opquast offered closed exam sessions (at a pre-established time and day) to its distance learners. The students had to connect to a videoconferencing platform supervised by one of Opquast’s members and then take the exam at that time and moment.

As she says, it was a “very artisanal” exam supervision. With that system, they could only afford one-to-one monitoring and, when needed, small groups of 5-6 people. 

But with the massive increase in the number of students taking the exam remotely, the entire working days of the supervision team and Patricia herself were filled with monitoring activities, and it became increasingly difficult to find available places for the students.

Logo de la certificación Opquast

Thanks to proctoring, Opquast certification has moved to a higher level. Taking exams autonomously when and where students want can help new students enroll.

Patricia Cardesa Goñi
Opquast’s Customer Success Manager

Improving web quality assurance processes with SMOWL

Following the significant increase of remote students seeking to obtain the OPQUAST certification, the training department started looking for a proctoring tool that would allow them to automatize the supervision of their exams.

After analyzing several proctoring solutions, Opquast chose SMOWL mainly because of its ease of use. “With SMOWL, there is no need for students to install any software or application. It works correctly regardless of the student’s web browser, and its integration into our exam platform has been relatively simple”, explains Cardesa, who is also the person in charge of explaining to students and partner companies the use of SMOWL during remote assessments.

Main benefits of SMOWL for Opquast certification

The features that have proven most valuable to Opquast are identity verification and random image capture, as they allow them to verify that the test has been taken in good condition. 

This way, they can successfully authenticate their users’ identity, preventing fraud during the assessments and allowing students to take the test from any location and place without time reservations.

SMOWL has also brought several benefits to the organization, allowing them to simplify processes, save time, and improve the user experience.

web quality assurance management

The future of web quality assurance management is entirely remote

As Opquast points out, after the pandemic caused by Covid and the subsequent confinement, “proctoring is here to stay”, especially in many “universities and educational centers.” 

And its application in the case of Opquast certification only confirms that the use of proctoring for remote exam supervision can help many academic centers to digitalize their training and to offer current and new courses and training to remote students.

Undoubtedly, taking the exam remotely and at any time can help new students to enroll in these courses and certifications. And even more so if they are closely related to the digital world

In the case of web quality assurance management, it would be unreasonable to keep pushing traditional or analog evaluation systems.

In addition, SMOWL makes it easy to comply with the RGPD, and you won’t have to worry about this process being 100% digital since the responsibility towards your student’s data, their protection, and transparency are assured.

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