Proctoring in LATAM: SMOWL’s technology reaches the region

Our users in LATAM are in luck because Smowltech now has a regional team to enhance proctoring services in Latin...
24 May 2024

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Proctoring in LATAM: SMOWL’s technology reaches the region

Our users in LATAM are in luck because Smowltech now has a regional team to enhance proctoring services in Latin America.

Up to 40% of our proctoring plan usage comes from this region. This significant figure led us to transform our team into an international entity, integrating specialized individuals from Latin America.

Today, we officially introduce some of them: Nixon Riaño, Milena Rodríguez, Marco Mendoza, and Laura Arboleda.

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Why Strengthen Proctoring in Latin America?

As demand increases and our clients in the region express their needs, Smowltech continuously works to improve services by investing in local teams that provide personalized and proximate support.

This is achieved through the commercial area, direct customer relations, participation in regional events, and our support network.

Alex Vea, our Global Head of Strategy and Business, emphasizes that Latin America is heavily investing in digitization and online education, thus improving professional opportunities.

Smowltech aims to be a technological partner in LATAM, creating a positive and beneficial digital impact for end users.

“We want to accompany them in that investment as a technological partner and jointly create a positive impact.” – Alex Vea

Proctoring en LATAM

A Local and Specialized Team for Online Exam Supervision in LATAM

Understanding the market, building trust in digital learning support systems, and improving academic integrity and access to quality education are some of our global priorities.

However, implementing these priorities varies significantly between regions, making a specialized team in Latin America essential.

This regional presence allows us to better understand our clients, share the same culture and time zone, and identify their needs more accurately.

This proximity also ensures smoother communication, better feedback, and closer support.

Meet Our Proctoring Professionals in Latin America

Nixon Riaño: With 3.5 years as a Smowler, Nixon is our most experienced Customer Support Representative in the region. He continuously improves his training to help our clients use the tool more effectively with a personalized approach.

“Flexibility and understanding of needs can make a big difference in customer satisfaction and business success.” – Nixon Riaño

Nixon believes in using friendlier language and provides continuous support to address clients’ challenges with our tools.

Milena Rodríguez: With nearly two years as a Smowler, Milena is our Regional Sales Manager in Colombia. Smowltech’s inclusive work environment has brought out her full potential.

“Having a specialized team in the region creates closeness with our clients; we aim to build trust and face difficulties as we have experienced them ourselves.” – Milena Rodríguez

Milena seeks new approaches and works closely with clients to promote online training and ensure academic integrity, enhancing the value of the educational and corporate ecosystem in Latin America.

Profesionales del Proctoring en Colombia

Marco Mendoza: With 6 months as a Smowler, Marco is a Customer Support Representative in Colombia. He continually learns and contributes to the company’s success.

“I’m happy to be part of Smowltech and make a real impact on the product to satisfy customers.” – Marco Mendoza

Marco emphasizes the importance of adaptation processes and highlights Smowltech’s innovation, particularly in the growing field of remote evaluation in Latin America.

Laura Arboleda: The youngest member of the team, Laura is passionate about accessibility and education. She believes in overcoming technological barriers with the help of SMOWL.

“Being able to perform monitored activities with SMOWL greatly helps overcome technological barriers and has a real impact on people’s lives.” – Laura Arboleda

Laura stresses the importance of a specialized team in the region to provide real-time assistance and personalized customer service.

Profesionales del Proctoring en Colombia

The Future of Proctoring in LATAM and the World

Thanks to Smowltech’s team in Latin America, the company can expand in a close, sustainable, and attentive manner.

Understanding the specific needs of the market facilitates effective adaptation of our proctoring solutions in LATAM.

Cultural adjustments in language, customer service, and regulation are appropriately communicated and executed, ensuring smooth integration of our tool.

The Latin American team also acts as a brand ambassador, spreading our company’s values and mission in the region.

At Smowltech, we continue to integrate all the markets we enter, enriching our capacity for adaptation and our clients’ innovation. We offer proctoring plans that help create inclusive online monitoring environments with a real social and environmental impact.

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