Professional development: definition and goals

For some time now, professional development has been gaining more and more strength and importance in the business world, given...
14 July 2022
Professional development: definition and goals

For some time now, professional development has been gaining more and more strength and importance in the business world, given its implications in a changing labor world demanding new profiles, both analog and digital.

Nowadays, both companies and workers must have a deep understanding of the meaning and implications of professional development and the whole amalgam of repercussions it entails in job performance and the final achievement of objectives.

In this article, we will teach you how to understand the concept in its entirety and give you a series of guidelines on how to improve the professional development of your employees.

What is professional development?

Professional development is the set of aspects or skills an individual can expand and enhance within their profession or organization to increase job performance or achieve specific professional development goals.

Professional development is, in turn, closely linked to each team member’s motivation and personal development since it depends to a large extent on the individual’s desire to evolve and improve.

It also depends to a great extent on their willingness to make an effort to embrace new responsibilities or to achieve specific goals.

The relationship between an individual’s professional development, personal development, and life aspirations makes it a key concept for companies.

This is so, given that they can positively influence an employee’s desire to take advantage of professional development opportunities and to continue growing within the company’s organizational chart, or even be a turning point in the degree of motivation and interest shown in reaching or surpassing their initial objectives.

Professional development plan

Why is professional development important?

One of the significant challenges for many companies is to ensure that their employees feel identified with the company’s objectives and, therefore, become personally and professionally involved in achieving them.

Having an excellent professional development plan is a great advantage for the company since it helps to identify the most talented and potential employees in the staff and establish correct planning of objectives.

But the importance of professional development in a company goes even further, as it helps reduce possible stress and absenteeism situations. It also generates a transparent relationship in which employees are not only aware of the company’s objectives but also participate in them and embrace them as their own.

It is also a clear advantage from the employee’s point of view since they will increase their involvement in the company’s objectives by being in line with their own goals and, based on achieving them, they will generate a successful routine that will help them face new challenges with optimism and a positive attitude. This has a direct impact on your satisfaction and, by extension, on your personal development.

What are the professional development goals?

Developing an effective career development plan allows companies to understand employees’ motivations, conflict resolution, skills, and professional development goals and align them with the company.

So, suppose you are looking to improve your employees’ professional and personal development. In that case, you should start by distinguishing the four components on which any professional learning and development plan is usually based.

Discover the importance of professional development

Personal appraisal

It helps employees to identify their work and personal interests and establish their goals, objectives, and preferred work environments.

In this phase, different psycho-technical tests are usually conducted to support the process.

Performance evaluation

At this point, employees are made aware of the company’s view of their skills, knowledge, and objectives and how they fit into the company’s operations.

Goal setting

Employees establish their future career goals within the company, as well as their aspirations in terms of promotions, ideal positions to be filled according to their skills, ways to enhance and improve these skills, and integration of new knowledge.

Action planning

Employees establish the path to follow to achieve the career goals they have set for themselves. This may involve acquiring new skills through courses or participating in events and seminars to reach the desired position within the company.

Tips to improve personal and professional development

Personal and professional development topics: tips to improve

Once the professional development plan has been established, it is time to define what professional development topics the company can take to dynamically and effectively contribute to its employees’ aspirations and objectives.

To do this, they can choose to make available to the staff different online courses aimed at improving the skills of employees or vary and gradually increase the responsibilities of each position so that workers interpret each new goal or objective as a motivating, nurturing, and satisfying opportunity.

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