Selection processes with proctoring by Psicotec

In the field of Human Resources, the way selection and training processes are conducted has undergone significant changes in recent...
21 July 2023

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Selection processes with proctoring by Psicotec

In the field of Human Resources, the way selection and training processes are conducted has undergone significant changes in recent years.

Adopting innovative technological tools, such as distance learning and remote personnel selection processes, has revolutionized this sector.

A notable example of this trend is Psicotec, an international Human Resources consultancy offering comprehensive solutions in talent and people management.

In this article, we will explore how Psicotec has overcome the challenges of remote selection processes through proctoring, a key tool in the Human Resources sector.

Expanding Psicotec’s selection and training services

Psicotec was founded in 1985 to provide comprehensive services in Human Resources. Initially, the company operated nationally in Spain, establishing offices in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, and Seville.

In 2006, Psicotec began its international expansion by opening an office in Lisbon, Portugal.

Since then, it has continued to grow and has its own offices in Portugal, Peru, and Spain, as well as being part of the International Headhunting and Direct Search Network ENEX, with a presence in over 40 countries.

Quality is a fundamental concern for Psicotec, which led them to become the first Spanish-speaking consultancy to obtain ISO 10667 certification, guaranteeing good practices in assessing individuals, groups, and organizations.

Psicotec’s main objective is to offer unique, high-quality services that help companies improve their business results through talent management. Their focus is on people, turning current challenges into future successes.

Selection processes with proctoring by Psicotec

Discover how proctoring transforms selection processes

In their constant search for talent management and selection modernization, Psicotec has implemented a system that allows the entire selection testing process to be carried out remotely for clients requiring it.

This has been made possible through the proctoring plans provided by SMOWL.

Previously, all these tests were conducted in person, but due to the pandemic, Psicotec, like many other organizations, had to adapt and move these processes to the remote environment. In this new reality, it was necessary to have a proctoring tool that ensured the proper administration of tests with the utmost guarantees.

The success of this transition was such that, despite having the option to return to in-person format, Psicotec decided to maintain the remote version. The results obtained in Psicotec’s projects remained the same, but with lower costs and reduced absenteeism. This demonstrates that proctoring has been an effective solution for conducting online entrance exams, ensuring quality and efficiency in personnel selection processes.

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Discover the advantages of SMOWL’s supervision

One of the highlights of Psicotec’s projects is using SMOWL’s supervision tools, which offer low resource consumption.

SMOWL’s software is based on an innovative architecture that performs optimally, even in lower-quality internet connections. This allows users to take online entrance exams from any location, while ensuring authentication and preventing fraud.

As a result, expenses associated with traditional testing, such as travel, paper, logistics, and organization, are eliminated. Additionally, time savings have become a valuable asset for companies.

Thanks to SMOWL, Psicotec offers an efficient and secure solution for conducting online entrance exams. This not only simplifies the process but also ensures data integrity and consistently complies with the strict regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The combination of SMOWL and Psicotec has proven to be a successful formula, allowing them to confidently and effectively carry out remote selection processes.

“The online methodology, accompanied by reliable tools like SMOWL, is equally effective and reliable as the in-person methodology, saving time and travel costs.”
Marta Megías Herranz, Project Director at Psicotec
Psicotec HR company logo.

Benefits of Online Entrance Exams in Human Resources

Adopting proctoring in Psicotec’s projects confirms that selection processes, entrance exams, and talent management are equally effective and less costly when conducted digitally, as long as reliable and secure environments like those provided by SMOWL are utilized.

Marta Megías Herranz, Project Director at Psicotec, highlights that the online methodology, supported by reliable tools like SMOWL, is as effective and reliable as the in-person methodology, but with the advantage of saving time and travel costs.

Data accuracy and quick results have also been key points for Psicotec’s team of examiners.

Discover how proctoring transforms selection processes

This demonstrates that conducting remote training, certifications, and personnel selection processes can be a qualitative and innovative leap for any company. Moreover, relying on proctoring systems like SMOWL ensures that all data and processes are carried out reliably, securely, and in compliance with the strict regulations of the GDPR.

In summary, proctoring has revolutionized the field of Human Resources selection processes, allowing companies like Psicotec to adapt to new realities and efficiently and securely conduct online entrance exams. 

The combination of Psicotec’s talent management expertise and SMOWL’s proctoring solutions has proven to be a successful approach to improving the quality and efficiency of remote selection processes.

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