SMOWL +, comprehensive proctoring for businesses and institutions

When offering remote certifications, courses, or selection processes, the choice of evaluation method arises. Should all users be physically called...
30 August 2023

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SMOWL +, comprehensive proctoring for businesses and institutions

When offering remote certifications, courses, or selection processes, the choice of evaluation method arises. Should all users be physically called in for exams or interviews, incurring time and expenses, or should a proctoring solution be opted for?

With SMOWL + as the proctoring tool, there’s no doubt – the second option is much safer, accessible, and sustainable.

Wondering why?

We’ll explain in the following lines.

SMOWL+, comprehensive proctoring for businesses and institutions

SMOWL + goes above and beyond the needs of your company or institution

In essence, there are two main reasons to use a proctoring system like SMOWL +:

  • Firstly, to verify and accredit the identity of the exam taker, preventing fraud and identity impersonation during online exams or remote selection processes.
  • Secondly, to create a secure environment where we can ensure that the exam taker conducts the test independently, without external assistance in terms of materials or support from others. The ultimate goal is to guarantee the integrity of online exams and processes and prevent fraud.

SMOWL + not only fulfills these two premises but also allows you to add new layers of monitoring with SMOWL + to strengthen exam supervision.

Unlike other plans like SMOWL CLASS, SMOWL + incorporates webcam monitoring, enabling you to verify participants’ identities during registration, exam access, and throughout the test.

With this tool, you can be certain that the exam taker is indeed who they claim to be and that they are conducting the exam with integrity, thanks to our advanced technology that combines artificial intelligence and biometric control.

Additionally, you’ll maintain computer supervision throughout the process with the included SMOWL CM or SMOWL LOCK.

Here’s a reminder:

  1. With SMOWL CM, you can detect open applications and browser tabs, connected devices, and copy-paste actions on the user’s computer during the exam. You’ll receive a comprehensive customized report with all the data and evidence to make decisions.
  1. With SMOWL LOCK, you have the option to directly block suspicious actions and issue warnings to examinees. You can configure the number of warnings and expulsion from the exam, if needed.

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Where is SMOWL + installed?

All three SMOWL plans (SMOWL CLASS, SMOWL+, and SMOWL PRO) must first be integrated into the institution’s virtual learning platform (LMS).

For major platforms like Moodle, Blackboard, or Canvas, integration is straightforward and intuitive, taking only a few minutes for the institution or company.

Once integrated, the tool will appear in users’ browsers when they access the exam within the LMS platform, only at the moment of the test.

Now, it’s only necessary for exam takers to install SMOWL CM (if the institution has chosen computer monitoring) or add the SMOWL LOCK extension (if the institution has opted for browser locking).

SMOWL + is integrated into the institution's virtual learning platform (LMS)

How does SMOWL + webcam identification work?

Now that you know what SMOWL + can bring to your exams and evaluation processes, let us explain how our webcam identification system, included in this plan, works.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the exam taker for a moment.

Upon the first connection, the exam taker must undergo an initial visual check of the image, which is then compared with a digital identification previously provided by the student, candidate, or employee, such as an ID, passport, or other document.

It is also possible to perform this authentication using images previously stored by the educational institution, personnel selection agency, or company.

When the exam is about to begin, facial recognition will be conducted through captures from the computer’s webcam. Images will be taken at specific intervals, rather than video, to facilitate performance on slower connections.

To verify that external mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops) are not being used alongside the computer during the test, proctoring technology employs “Room Tours” techniques, providing a complete image of the exam taker’s environment.

If the exam taker attempts to use hidden communication devices, like headphones, to receive information, they will also be detected based on the analysis of captured images and control of external devices connected to the computer.

SMOWL+ webcam identification

The most comprehensive plan for medium-sized businesses and institutions

As you can see, SMOWL + is the ideal plan if you want to reliably certify and examine online while complying with all European GDPR (or FERPA) requirements.

Its webcam identification and monitoring system, along with computer or device supervision, cover all the needs your institution may have.

However, if you require more extensive supervision, continuous support, or have more complex technical requirements, we recommend considering the SMOWL PRO plan – a more advanced and personalized option.

For in-person exams, you also have the option of SMOWL CLASS – without webcam identification and monitoring, but with all the benefits of computer supervision.

Compare our proctoring plans and request a free demo to get an in-depth look at our software and determine which SMOWL plan best suits your institution.

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