SMOWL PRO, advanced proctoring for exams and certifications

SMOWL PRO is the most comprehensive and customizable plan from Smowltech, designed for institutions and companies that need to conduct...
31 August 2023

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SMOWL PRO, advanced proctoring for exams and certifications

SMOWL PRO is the most comprehensive and customizable plan from Smowltech, designed for institutions and companies that need to conduct a large number of remote tests, certifications, or exams over time.

This plan offers functionalities that its younger siblings (SMOWL CLASS and SMOWL +) do not have. 

In this post, we’ll tell you about these features and how they can greatly benefit you in supervising the numerous certifications and exams ahead.

Enhanced environment security with an additional camera (360º Supervision)

When you have a large number of tests to supervise, you often have less time to dedicate to each user. Therefore, you need solutions that help minimize potential fraud by creating the safest possible spaces.

As you may already know – and if not, we’ll remind you – SMOWL + allows you to identify and monitor users taking the test through the webcam of the device they’re using.

SMOWL PRO, advanced proctoring for exams and certifications

But what if we tell you that with SMOWL PRO, you can add a second camera?

That’s right! With SMOWL PRO, you can set up a 360º Supervision, where a user’s smartphone or tablet functions as a second camera to provide an easy view of their testing environment.

No additional app needs to be downloaded on their smartphone for this to work; the only requirement is that the device has a camera capable of reading QR codes.

The purpose of this additional camera is not only to identify the user (although it also helps detect impersonations) but mainly to have a clearer view of the users’ workspace, ensuring that no unauthorized items are present.

Option for human supervision

While our software is designed to work autonomously and automatically, SMOWL PRO also includes the option of human supervision for certain types of tests.

This service can be highly beneficial for your institution if there are regulations in your sector that prevent the use of 100% automated proctoring.

With this human supervision, you can rely on a team of experts provided by Smowltech, who will replace biometric analysis with 100% human identification and collect all the evidence that you can later review in reports.

SMOWL PRO has an outstanding support team

Outstanding support team

Customer support is a hallmark of all SMOWL plans. Your institution and users will have continuous access to our help and support center via chat for any issues or incidents you may encounter, whether related to tool configuration, integration, or usage.

You’ll receive ongoing assistance from the moment of purchase to the receipt of test results, leaving no room for doubt.

Moreover, if you choose to subscribe to the SMOWL PRO plan, your institution will also have access to phone support for any inquiries that may arise, making your company or institution part of the best-rated customer support team in the sector.

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Discover a comprehensive statistics and data platform

All SMOWL plans include access to MySmowltech, a comprehensive statistics and data platform that allows you to access various reports and analytics related to the different tests you conduct.

With this dashboard, you can review monitored activities, records, and results by activity, among many other things.

Moreover, with SMOWL PRO, you have an extra feature: the ability to customize this tool to your company’s or institution’s preferences and needs using API.

Flexibility above all with SMOWL PRO

The core principle of the SMOWL PRO plan is to adapt to each institution as much as possible. That’s why your team will receive onboarding and training sessions for each SMOWL feature from the get-go.

But it doesn’t stop there. If your institution chooses SMOWL PRO, we’ll do our best to conform to the specific regulations of your sector and integrate with the LMS platform you use. You’ll also have flexibility in licensing per student or per exam.

Let us explain how SMOWL licenses work.

Discover MySmowltech, a comprehensive statistics and data platform

How do SMOWL licenses function?

SMOWL offers two types of licenses: activity-based licenses and user-based licenses.

  • As the name implies, an activity-based license is valid for a single test. In other words, if you purchase 1,000 licenses, your users can take 1,000 tests – it’s as simple as that.
  • On the other hand, the user-based license allows a single user to take multiple tests. For example, if you contract 10 user licenses, ten students or employees will be able to take multiple tests.

The first option is typically used for admission exams, individual assessments, specific certifications, or personnel selection tests. The second option is more suitable for students who need to take exams throughout the course, for degrees, postgraduate studies, or medium to long-term online courses.

While these licenses are compatible with all SMOWL plans available, SMOWL PRO is the only plan that grants total flexibility in license management.

If you believe SMOWL PRO is the right plan for your institution, don’t hesitate to request a free demo to explore its full potential.

If you feel that the additional features of this plan are unnecessary for your needs, or you’ll be conducting in-person tests, we recommend checking out our other SMOWL proctoring plans: SMOWL + and SMOWL CLASS.

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