Cecabank historia de éxito SMOWL Smowltech certificaciones de la LCCI y MiFID II

Success Story: EFB Cecabank

SMOWL for professional
banking certification

Due to the recent pandemic caused by COVID, Cecabank’s Banking Training School had to look for new alternatives that complied with the legislation required by the Bank of Spain and the CNMV for its upcoming certifications.

Before the current situation caused by COVID-19, the evaluation process to obtain the certifications was carried out in person, in accordance with the requirements of the regulators.

The face-to-face calls are carried out throughout the national territory. They were held periodically and also on an ad-hoc basis for clients who needed them. The students were summoned in person on a specific day and at a specific time in a classroom enabled to take the exam with the maximum guarantees of security and comfort.

What was the challenge?

With the arrival of the pandemic due to COVID-19 and the necessary restrictions, it was not possible to carry out the certifications in person.

In this scenario, the regulators, Bank of Spain and the CNMV, of the LCCI and MiFID II certifications, respectively, made possible what had not been available so far, the ability to perform the certification exams in a non-face-to-face format.

To that end, security and control standards were established to ensure that the certification exams could be carried out with the maximum possible guarantees, just as if they were face-to-face exams. This meant that the necessary technology had to be implemented to verify the student’s identity and to ensure that the student did not receive external assistance.

Cecabank historia de éxito smowltech SMOWL certificación bancaria LCCI y MiFID II

They found the solution in SMOWL

SMOWL allowed them to simulate the reliability and security features of a face-to-face exam.

Cecabank decided to go with SMOWL+

SMOWL is a modular solution that adapts to the client’s needs. In this case, we adjusted to meet the requirements that the regulators demanded from Cecabank’s EFB.

Monitoring of the student through the webcam.

Monitoring of the student's computer activity.

Audio capture.


  • They were able to reduce costs by avoiding having to have a room and personnel for the traditional face-to-face evaluation, as well as the transfers.
  • They are now able to conduct exam calls in less time, offering greater flexibility and a better offer to students, making them stand out above their competitors.
Paz Cecabank Smowltech success story SMOWL

“With the arrival of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and mobility restrictions, Cecabank’s Banking Training School successfully implemented an online certifications procedure that guaranteed the completion of the certification exams under similar conditions to the face-to-face exams, allowing the entities’ employees to continue providing service according to the standards required by regulators.”

-Paz Navarro,  Director of Cecabank’s Banking Training School (EFB).

This is what Cecabank EFB likes the most about SMOWL!

  • It saves them time in preparing the logistics of their exams.
  • SMOWL is a convenient and easy to use tool.
  • With SMOWL’s tool, exams can be scheduled with fewer resources and in less time, making it possible to schedule more exams.
  • The ability to offer more exams gives your students more flexibility, making Cecabank EFB a more attractive school than its competitors.

Tips from Cecabank EFB to have a better experience with SMOWL:

  1. An important part of the effort spent in taking the exams has been transferred to the part of the student’s registration on the platform. For this process to be successful, it is very important to make the student aware that he/she must first make a comprehensive reading of the instructions provided in order to assimilate the registration steps. 
  2. It works very well to outline this process so that the student can see which steps have been taken and which have not.

What do students say about SMOWL?

Cecabank surveyed its learners to measure their level of satisfaction with using the SMOWL tool. Some of the findings were:

In general the feedback received from the students is very positive.

The students highlight the follow-up and support process as being very responsive.

The students mention that the process was very simple and friendly.

At the end of the tests, it was found that the percentage of students passing the tests was positive and similar to what it was during the face-to-face evaluations.

Therefore, the inclusion of the SMOWL tool did not increase the complexity or create an additional barrier in the process.

How does Cecabank see the future thanks to SMOWL?

After our experience, the online certifications evaluated with SMOWL will be maintained in the future, even if it is possible to carry out face-to-face exams, as long as the regulators allow it.

Recently after the publication of the Royal Decree 287/2021 the General Director of Insurance and Pension Funds, the insurance certification exams are required, so Cecabank EFB has within its plans to continue working with SMOWL for the realization of these.

EFB Cecabank

Cecabank’s Banking Training School is an academic institution with 50 years of experience, whose main mission is to train professionals with a high level of competence and social responsibility. A proof of this is that to this date more than 30,000 students have been certified with Cecabank’s EFB.

During the pandemic, they maintained their commitment to the training of their students, searching in record time for a solution that would allow them to maintain the certification processes without having to expose the health of the applicants or their staff.

In this way, Cecabank is confirmed to be a first-class academic institution capable of facing any situation in an agile and innovative way, which is also aware of its social responsibility to the environment.

Best Custodian Bank in Spain 2020.

Presence in major financial centers.

+30,000 students certified in different degrees since 2017.

Reference in the market by carrying out certification processes.

Would you like to be our next success story? Book a call with our team to discover the SMOWL solution that best suits your needs!

Customer testimonials

“We have been able to do more than a hundred tests without incidents and with very good feedback by students”.

Professor of Informatics, Multimedia and Telecommunications at the UOC.

"SMOWL is an integral eProctoring solution that responded to our requirements to successfully carry out external service projects".

Systems of the Central Admissions Office of the National University of Engineering (UNI) of Lima.

"SMOWL better manages the balance between the necessary level of control that must be exercised over student activity and respect for their privacy".

IE University Cliente de SMOWL

Professor of Innovation and Technology,
IE Business School.

“The Office of the Comptroller of the Republic required a national evaluation process to guarantee the security of the identity of the applicants who would participate in the examination remotely and the detection of failures, the SMOWL system met expectations and the examinations were given in the correct manner".

Systems of the Central Admissions Office of the National University of Engineering (UNI) of Lima.

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