SMOWL helped UVVG a university reference in Romania

During the pandemic, all students were forced to take exams at home, and Vasile Goldiş university was concerned about the veracity and quality of the online exams that were carried out without any proctoring solution.
10 February 2022

Before COVID and during the last ten years, UVVG students took their asynchronous exams through the Moodle platform, but these only happened within the university’s laboratories.

What was their biggest challenge?

Due to the large number of students enrolled during the last course, when the pandemic started, it was complicated to supervise each student manually, so the UVVG determined that the best option was an AI-based proctoring solution, which led them to contact Smowltech.

How were exams conducted before SMOWL?

The UVVG has used the Moodle platform for over ten years for asynchronous learning and exam tests, but only within the university laboratories.

SMOWL was the perfect solution for the safe conduct of these exams.

UVVG chose the SMOWL service, which allowed them to monitor their students through the webcam of any device (including mobile phones) without the need for installation.

What were the results?

Thanks to the SMOWL solutions, the Romanian university offered a fair and safe environment for all its students, recognising their knowledge, dedication and effort.

  • Authenticate the identity of users during the exam.
  • Prevent fraud and unethical behaviour during the exam.
  • Allow students to take their exams from anywhere.
foto de tripa laviniu
Tripa Laviniu

“An advice to students: take your exam seriously because an owl is watching you.”

Tripa Laviniu, IT Director and Moodle Administrator.

What does the UVVG of SMOWL like the most?

  • The tool is so friendly and straightforward that it easily allows you to carry out your evaluation processes.
  • Thanks to the authentication of the identity and continuous monitoring of the student, the university maintained its prestige.
  • The development of students is the core of UVVG, which is why they were looking for a solution that would allow them to improve the opportunities offered to them through a comprehensive and quality evaluation.

SMOWL will participate in the following UVVG projects

The Romanian university will continue to use SMOWL services to offer more flexibility and a safer environment for its students and community. 

Moreover, the university has plans to expand its academic offer by creating new online study programs, demonstrating its commitment to the education of future generations based on technology and innovation. 

These initiatives make the Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad a great option when choosing a university that fully meets the future demands of the labour market.

Internationalisation is important for UVVG

Its rector, Professor Coralia Adina Cotoraci, is very open to internationalisation. Proof of this is many international students and the numerous cooperation agreements that the university has with many other universities and global companies.

Another key aspect of its internationalisation plan is the digitalisation of the university.

team goldis university reference
The Rector of the UVVG, Prof. PhD. MD Cotoraci Coralia Adina, with the IT department.

More information about the “Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad

Vasile Goldiş is a private university located in Arad, Romania, with four other branches in different counties in the northwest of the country.

It has six faculties, 43 degrees, 25 master’s degrees and two doctorate schools.

During the 2021 academic year, more than 5,000 students were enrolled, of which more than 1,200 were foreigners (Italy, France, Morocco, Germany, Arab Countries, Algeria, England, Sweden and others).

  • +5,000 students
  • +1,200 international students
  • +100,000 Alumni

Do you want us to support you in maintaining your online evaluations’ integrity and reaching more users securely and straightforwardly?

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