Top HR tech companies to watch for your business

Daily personnel and talent management is one of the biggest headaches for many businesses. Many of them need to be...
22 February 2023

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Top HR tech companies to watch for your business

Daily personnel and talent management is one of the biggest headaches for many businesses. Many of them need to be made aware that top HR tech companies can facilitate these tasks to the people in charge of it in the company.

This post will review what we consider the top HR tech companies to watch for your business and their advantages over the competition.

These tools do not replace Human Resources professionals. On the contrary, they are utilities that need qualified people behind them who can use them, although often, thanks to their simplicity of use, anyone with some training could manage to do it. 

What is an HR tech solution?

First, let’s be clear about what we mean by HR solution companies, as the range of possibilities is vast. 

A human resources (HR) solution is a software tool designed to help companies manage their human resources processes more efficiently

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What is an HR solution for?

HR tech companies create these programs that can perform various personnel-related tasks, such as payroll management, time and attendance tracking, employee hiring and training, and benefits and compensation management.

Human resources software typically includes a centralized database that stores information about employees, such as their data, skills, and work history. 

It may also include tools for conducting performance appraisals and tracking company goals and objectives. Some HR programs also offer communication and collaboration features, such as online forums, chats, and project management tools to help employees work together more effectively.

hr tech companies

3 top HR tech startups for small and medium companies

It is difficult to select just a few human resources software. Each company may have different needs and preferences regarding the features and functionalities they are looking for.

In any case, we will analyze 3 popular options from top HR tech startups that could be good for you if you belong to a medium or small company.

A talent management software and much more: Factorial HR

Factorial HR is a cloud-based human resources software that offers a wide range of functionalities to help companies manage their HR processes more efficiently. 

One of the most outstanding functionalities of this HR software is the time tracking, schedule, and vacation and absence control, allowing employees to record their working hours and track their days off simply and intuitively.

It also stands out for its ability to manage human talent, as it includes tools for carrying out performance evaluations and monitoring objectives and a centralized database for storing and accessing personnel information, thus facilitating internal communication.

It also has an elegant organization chart section that allows you to see the composition of each team, facilitating the management of human capital.

Factorial HR is a popular choice for companies of all sizes and can be used on mobile devices (it has a native app for Android and iOS) and desktop computers. 

A Human Resources software that stands out for its simplicity: Bizneo

Another of the most popular options in business today is Bizneo, which, thanks to its simplicity, is ideal for all kinds of companies, including the smallest ones. Among its differentiating elements are the satisfaction of its current customers, the positive user experience, and the security of its GDPR processes. 

Among the functionalities that stand out in this tool are its powerful payroll management tool, which enables automated payroll calculation and payment and offers a wide range of configuration and customization options.

This customization extends to the entire tool through independent and easily modifiable modules to take your human resources management to another level.

What is an HR tech solution

Human resources for SMEs: Personio

If you are an SME (Small and medium-sized enterprise) and you are looking for a platform that allows you to run all your processes related to personnel and human resources control, Personio is another excellent option. 

Developed by one of the top HR tech companies, Personio has robust recruiting functionalities that will allow you to find high-level candidates in an automated way. In addition, this tool facilitates collaboration between different recruiters helping to improve their experience in the different phases of the recruitment funnel. 

2 of the biggest hr tech companies: ADP Workforce Now and SAP SuccessFactors

If you are part of a large company, you are probably familiar with the following names: ADP Workforce NOW and SAP SuccessFactors. These tools come from two of the biggest HR tech companies and are handy for large organizations and HR teams. 

ADP Workforce Now is an HR software that will help you manage payroll, compliance, and employee management tasks. This allows you to focus on your team and drive business results instead of more mundane tasks. 

It also integrates easily and securely with other HR applications.

SAP SuccessFactors SAP is an HR software that stands out because it is offered as a service (SaaS) and is centrally hosted. This means you can access it through a subscription, which is compatible with different devices and platforms. 

Thanks to this feature, it is very portable and easy to use in different environments. This program will allow you to coordinate the talent and performance of your entire team to align with business objectives.

Proctoring as a companion to your human resources software

Although all these programs allow you to carry out performance and talent assessment tasks, they lack a fundamental pillar in this type of process: the security and integrity that a proctoring system such as SMOWL provides in the identification of users and the generation of evidence in the exams and certifications derived from these evaluations.
Combining our SMOWL proctoring products with your HR software ensures that all your processes are carried out integrally and securely. Ask us for a free demo, and you will be able to know in first person the main advantages of using proctoring in your company.

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