TSM Aircraft: training pilots across North America

Nowadays, in any profession, continuous training is one of the keys to job recycling. It is also true for those...
23 November 2022

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TSM Aircraft: training pilots across North America

Nowadays, in any profession, continuous training is one of the keys to job recycling. It is also true for those in the aviation sector, such as the example of TSM Aircraft.

The nature of their work can cause these professionals to be in different geographic locations throughout their shifts, so keeping their training can take time and effort.

That is a challenge TSM Aircraft has decided to overcome, thanks to the recent implementation of an e-learning system.

A pioneering company in training that has recently adopted SMOWL proctoring

TSM Aircraft is one of the leading Mexican companies in training aviation personnel. Its objective is to guarantee the preparation of the professionals who carry out their activities in their own company.

TSM mainly carries out charter flights, and many of its crew travel throughout North America (specifically Mexico, the United States, and Canada). So, it was complicated for TSM to maintain the integrity of the training of their personnel.

Since they were not all in a specific place, they tried implementing training methods such as video calls via Zoom. However, they found it inconvenient that only some crew was available during these sessions.

The solution? The adoption of Moodle as an LMS and the proctoring of SMOWL

Through Moodle -one of the best-known LMS platforms- TSM Aircraft professionals can train at the time and place they choose. In this way, they solved one of the main handicaps they had had to date: geographical barriers and lack of time.

In addition, thanks to the easy integration of SMOWL with Moodle, the company has carried out training exams thoroughly and safely.

“It is a tool that has allowed our pilots to take their courses for their license from anywhere,” explains Alejandro Lugo Navarro, instructor, and expert in the courses.

TSM Aircraft has implemented an e-learning and proctoring system

Thanks to this combination of technology tools, the company has achieved the following milestones:

  • Authenticate the identity of users.
  • Prevent fraud during online assessments.
  • Allow evaluation from any location.
  • Allow evaluation at any time without time reservation.
  • Online knowledge validation.

In short, allow 100% online training.

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Why choose SMOWL?

TSM considered it essential that their proctoring tool could integrate perfectly with the Moodle platform. In the case of SMOWL, the software can be easily installed through a simple plugin, so configuration by the user takes a few seconds.

TSM testers’ webcam, activity, and open computer screens, programs, and connected devices are monitored through SMOWL CM to conduct tests with integrity.

For all this, the software developed by Smowltech has saved them considerable time. It has made the entire evaluation process easier for TSM instructors and examiners.

“In TSM Aircraft, we seek continuous improvement and training of our professionals through implementing new technologies.”Soraya Méndez, Head of the training center
TSM Aircraft

A new possibility for aviation professionals

This new training and examination modality is well-received by TSM professionals, who have easily overcome the technological barrier that this training model could entail.

It is a tool that gives them much more flexibility in training. However, they are waiting to be able to carry out these tests through other devices, such as tablets.

The leadership of TSM Aircraft in Mexico

TSM Aircraft is a Mexican company focused on providing the most significant technological innovations and economical solutions to transportation points to its users.

It is the number one charter company in the country and a leader in implementing technological advances in its processes, such as remote training of its personnel.

If the example of TSM Aircraft has inspired you and you want to apply this transformation in your company’s training processes, we invite you to discover the full range of products that Smowltech offers to help you with that task.
Contact us today and get a free demo of our software. You will discover that adopting a remote supervision tool to train your employees is more accessible and safer than ever.

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