Types of recruitment: knowing them to gain competitiveness

The types of recruitment have expanded with the rise of technology tools. In fact, almost half of recruiters consult candidates’...
23 August 2022

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Types of recruitment: knowing them to gain competitiveness

The types of recruitment have expanded with the rise of technology tools. In fact, almost half of recruiters consult candidates’ social networks in search of exceptional value or references.

Headhunting, outsourcing, or inbound recruiting are some of the recruitment methods used today. Knowing how many recruiting methods exist and what they consist of will help you to be better prepared and more competitive.

The first classification is general and logical: external and internal recruitment.

Types of external recruitment

External recruitment sources differ from traditional ones and can vary depending on the technique or techniques used.

More specialized competitors have replaced traditional press advertisements.

Headhunting or recruitment by headhunters

Headhunting is based on the figure of headhunters, a professional who actively searches for the most qualified profiles for the job offered.

Companies resort to this selection technique when they seek to identify and capture talent from executives, middle management, and highly specialized profiles.

Outsourcing or recruitment through agencies

Recruitment outsourcing makes it easier for companies to hire recruitment specialists who accompany them throughout the selection process, providing advice and expertise.

Outsourcing the recruitment service guarantees greater objectivity and quality candidates and frees up time that can be used for the development of the main tasks of the organization, which, on many occasions, does not have the necessary skills among its teams.

Types of recruitment and competitiveness

E-recruitment or recruiting through technological tools

Human Resources – HR – departments have joined the digital and technological transformation processes for the recruitment and development of human capital with some added benefits such as:

  • Automation of some functions.
  • Access to more candidates, both active and passive.
  • Increased brand image.

Thus, HR becomes “Social Networker” recruiters in a war for talent thanks to:

  • Corporate websites where to post vacancies.
  • Job portals continue to be where supply and demand converge and provide updated information on employment and selection processes.
  • Social networks to reach a larger share of candidates with a Social Media plan adapted to the offer.
  • Employer branding strategy is building a good company image to attract quality and motivated candidates.

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Inbound recruiting

This technique focuses on capturing the profiles identified through Inbound Marketing. A digital marketing philosophy is widely used to attract customers by creating valuable content and non-intrusive tailored professional experiences.

In this way, companies using this method strive to offer the most seductive conditions to attract talent.

Types of external recruitment

Advantages of external recruitment

External recruitment effectively enriches an organization’s human resources since candidates from outside the organization can bring a high level of expertise.

In this context, the recruiting company benefits from the experience and training other professional players provide.

Opting for an external candidate brings these advantages:

  • It introduces new competencies to the company.
  • It offers the practical knowledge and skills -know-how- required by the company for a given position.

Internal recruitment

According to experts, internal mobility is rising as companies become aware of the need to offer their employees the possibility of developing a career plan within the organization.

Thus, the fundamental precept of internal recruitment is positioned in favor of retaining internal talent with the help of training.

This type of recruitment is usually found in organizations that consider that entry into the structure should be through jobs from the very base of the corporate network. From there, they have direct access to promotion according to their skills.

Internal recruitment contributes to:

  • Save external recruitment costs.
  • Improve employee motivation through career development.
  • Quickly complete the process of welcoming the person who already knows the company’s culture and may even be familiar with some of the tasks and responsibilities of the vacancy.
Advantages of external recruitment

Mixed recruitment

It is becoming more and more common to develop a mixed recruitment strategy considering the advantages of the types of recruitment in a company that we have just mentioned without renouncing any source that can identify the ideal candidate.

Mixed recruitment allows employees to apply for a vacant position before seeking external candidates or at the same time as the company has opened an external selection process.

Nowadays, many phases of the selection processes take place in virtual environments that allow the authentication of the identity of the candidates and their privacy.

Given the above, you must ensure that the virtual selection processes are deployed in secure environments where privacy is a maxim to be met.

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