UAS Entrance Exams: elevating exam integrity with SMOWL

SMOWL is  thrilled to announce that it has been chosen by Finland’s Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) to proctor their...
20 October 2023

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UAS Entrance Exams: elevating exam integrity with SMOWL

SMOWL is  thrilled to announce that it has been chosen by Finland’s Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) to proctor their entrance exams.  

This is set to revolutionise the way students take their UAS entrance exams, ensuring the utmost standards of fairness, security, and accessibility.

What are UAS entrance exams?

These entrance exams are typically required for students applying to bachelor’s degree programs at Finnish UAS institutions and are a critical step for students. These exams assess aptitude and readiness for specific programs, covering subjects like mathematics, natural sciences, language skills, and sometimes essays or interviews.

The actual format and content of the UAS entrance exam can vary depending on the university and the program to which a student is applying. The goal is to assess the aptitude and readiness of the future students for the specific program.

For students looking for detailed and up-to-date information about the UAS entrance exam for a specific university or program in Finland, it’s advisable to visit the university or program’s official website and refer to their admission requirements and procedures.

UAS Entrance Exams: elevating exam integrity with SMOWL

Ensuring a level playing field for UAS entrance exams

At the heart of the UAS entrance exams is the commitment to provide every aspiring student an equal opportunity to prove their mettle

With SMOWL’s cutting-edge proctoring technology, this commitment takes on a new dimension. SMOWL’s remote proctoring plans are designed to create a level playing field for all candidates, regardless of their location, background, or circumstances.

Key Benefits of SMOWL Proctoring for UAS Entrance Exams

The SMOWL tool has been selected for this type of testing due to the following benefits, among many others:

1. Secure and Unbiased Monitoring: SMOWL’s proctoring system flags any suspicious activities or irregularities during the exam, guaranteeing a fair evaluation.

2. Flexibility and Convenience: Candidates can take their entrance exams from anywhere without needing to travel to an exam centre, making the process more accessible and convenient.

3. Advanced Authentication: Robust identity verification processes, including facial recognition and ID checks, guarantee the authenticity of the test-taker.

4. Real-time Support: SMOWL’s proctoring system offers real-time support to candidates in case of technical issues or questions during the exam.

5. Comprehensive Reporting: Institutions receive comprehensive reports on candidate behaviour during the exam, ensuring transparency and fairness in the evaluation process.

6. Data compliance and security: Smowltech is a European-based company. All of  SMOWL’s servers are located in the EU and do not transfer any data to any country outside the EU, ensuring their software complies with GDPR.

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UAS Entrance Exam with SMOWL: how it works for students

Here’s how SMOWL works in the test:

Pre-Identification Process (Before the Exam):

Before the first phase of the written exam, the student will need to complete a pre-identification process.

This process involves using the Candour ID mobile application and registering with the SMOWL proctoring software.

During this process, the student needs to ensure that the information provided in both phases (Candour ID and SMOWL) matches, and the student must pass various identity verification checks.

The student will have three attempts to take a picture of their passport or identity card, read its information through NFC, and take a selfie. The pre-identification process cannot be completed if the student fails to verify his or her identity during these three attempts.

During the Exam:

Once the student has passed the pre-identification process, they can participate in the first phase written exam.

Their activities during the exam will be monitored by the SMOWL proctoring software, which will be integrated into the exam system.

Data Protection:

SMOWL’s servers are located in the EU and they do not carry out any data transfer to any country outside the EU, which allows the software to comply with GDPR. The information taken – including photographs – is only used for verifying identification and for proctoring the exam. It is not given or sold to third parties nor will SMOWL send any advertising to students. 

Hardware and Network Requirements:

The entrance exam is taken on the student’s own computer which must meet certain hardware and software requirements. Students are required to use a Chrome browser with the SMOWL LOCK extension enabled throughout the exam.

They must have a working camera, microphone, and a screen with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

What are UAS entrance exams?

Only one screen is allowed for the exam, so students should disconnect any additional screens.

In summary, SMOWL will be used for identity verification and monitoring during the first phase written exam. It will ensure that the person taking the exam is the same as the one who completed the pre-identification process and helps maintain the integrity of the exam.

A new era of accessibility for entrance exams

The commitment between the Universities of Applied Sciences  and SMOWL heralds a new era of exam integrity and accessibility. 

Both  are committed to ensuring that every candidate has a fair chance to showcase their skills and knowledge. With SMOWL’s state-of-the-art proctoring solutions, the UAS entrance exams in Finland will continue to be a beacon of excellence and fairness.

For students, prepare to embark on an academic journey with confidence, knowing that your entrance exam experience is secure, convenient, and backed by the trusted commitment between UAS entrance exams and SMOWL. Welcome to a brighter future!

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