University of La Salle: digitization with SMOWL and Moodle

In the heart of Colombia, the University of La Salle leads the educational digital revolution, anticipating a vibrant future.  Its...
12 April 2024

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University of La Salle: digitization with SMOWL and Moodle

In the heart of Colombia, the University of La Salle leads the educational digital revolution, anticipating a vibrant future. 

Its innovative approach strategically combines SMOWL and Moodle, redefining learning assessment and enhancing the comprehensive educational experience. This fusion not only transforms the way assessment is conducted but also how education is delivered. 

The synergy between SMOWL and Moodle drives excellence in education, marking a milestone in the university’s educational evolution. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in the University of La Salle‘s modern and efficient educational environment.

University of La Salle: digitization with SMOWL and Moodle

Strategic choice: seamless integration of SMOWL and Moodle

The eLearning Department of the University of La Salle made a strategic decision in choosing SMOWL and Moodle, tools that seamlessly integrate with the institution’s specific needs. 

Moodle, as a Learning Management System (LMS), has been the cornerstone of the virtual campus, personalized and hosted by Edu Labs to adapt to the university’s unique language center learning needs. 

Edu Labs, a strategic ally of Smowltech and Moodle, played a fundamental role in setting up the virtual campus, significantly contributing to creating a solid digital environment that enhances education. 

The choice of SMOWL and Moodle demonstrates the university’s dedication to providing an exceptional educational experience tailored to the demands of the current digital world.

SMOWL: transforming digital assessment

SMOWL has become the cornerstone of digital assessment at the University of La Salle. Its features, from screen captures to detailed reports, have captivated the institution. 

The comprehensive and objective monitoring of users has reinforced assessment security, making a tangible difference in the educational experience. 

The implementation of SMOWL represents a crucial step in the university’s commitment to excellence and security in digital assessment, consolidating its position at the forefront of educational innovation.

Overcoming challenges: the success story of the University of La Salle

The university’s language area has overcome digital challenges by adopting SMOWL and Moodle. 

Previously, it faced issues such as frequent fraud attempts. SMOWL’s proctoring solution not only simplified the process but also ensured a fair and secure assessment environment. 

Institutional data shows a significant decrease in fraud attempts, validating SMOWL’s positive impact on assessment integrity. 

The university’s case highlights how these tools have transformed the educational landscape, promoting equity and confidence in digital assessments.

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The crucial role of proctoring in assessment

SMOWL not only prevents fraud but also plays a crucial role in student authentication, enabling assessments from anywhere and supporting the transition to complete digital learning. In the language center, this is extremely important, as when they demand a certain level of language proficiency, for example for graduation, they can know that “it is indeed the student who is taking the test,” as Jorge Edison Rojas Rodriguez, eLearning Director’s Technopedagogical Advisor, points out. 

Professors and students agree on its positive impact on assessment methodology, paving the way for a more robust and adaptable educational model.

In this regard, Jorge Edison Rojas Rodriguez highlights that the arrival of proctoring at the institution opened “a pedagogical debate”. Initially, it raised certain doubts among teachers, but over time it has been seen “in a positive light,” noticing the importance and necessity they have at the University. 

SMOWL’s integral function goes beyond security, influencing assessment flexibility and effectiveness, establishing itself as an essential component in the evolution of education towards more dynamic and accessible environments.

The importance of integration: SMOWL, Moodle, and Edu Labs

Thanks to Edu Labs’ role, efficient integration of Moodle and SMOWL is essential. Edu Labs, a strategic ally of Moodle as a Premium Certified Services Provider, enhances the combination of the LMS with SMOWL at the University of La Salle, allowing the institution to build a virtual learning environment that responds to its specific needs

This synergy not only simplifies processes but also establishes a complete and robust ecosystem for digital assessment. This collaboration’s importance lies in optimizing resources and providing a more cohesive and effective educational experience. The 

Uniting these platforms will greatly benefit the University of La Salle, ensuring a harmonious implementation that enhances the quality and efficiency of its digital educational environment.

The university's language center positively values ​​the use of SMOWL.

University of La Salle’s assessment: positive consensus

The university’s language center positively values ​​the use of proctoring tools. 

The team highlights process simplification, time savings, and improvement in user experience thanks to SMOWL. 

Sergio Gómez, eLearning Director, expresses it as follows: “SMOWL for us became a possibility, an opportunity for use through the Language Center, and now we are trying to move it to a next phase, looking if there are similar needs in virtual or distance programs.” 

Some professors and administrators emphasize efficiency in teaching, while students praise transparency and equity in assessments. These statements holistically support the transformation that SMOWL and Moodle have brought to the university, consolidating their position as fundamental tools for a more efficient, equitable, and user-centered education.

SMOWL guarantees, with its machine learning-based architecture, that there is an adequate collection of information, education, etc. I believe that is what stands out among the other solutions in the market. 

Sergio Gómez, eLearning Director of the University of La Salle
The crucial role of proctoring in assessment

Tips and Recommendations: keys to successful implementation

The University of La Salle offers valuable tips for successful implementation of SMOWL and Moodle. 

University representatives consider familiarity with the tools, testing on various devices, and user awareness as key. 

Additionally, including a specific section on the Institution’s website anticipates concerns, providing additional answers and strengthening the connection with students. 

These recommendations highlight the importance of preparation, accessibility, and effective communication to maximize the benefits of these platforms in the educational environment, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for all involved.

Student verdict: successfully approved

The students’ verdict is a resounding success. Although there were initial challenges, the tool has been well-received for its efficient organization. 

The dedicated section on the website addresses potential concerns, supporting the user experience. 

In this regard, the university demonstrates a comprehensive approach to effectively solving problems, with synchronized support between the internal team, the SMOWL support system, and the Moodle integration supported by Edu Labs. 

This collaboration, both in Moodle integration and proctoring software, strengthens implementation and ensures a positive experience for students.

Join the educational revolution!

Immerse yourself in the educational revolution led by the University of La Salle, which not only adopts advanced technologies but also paves the way for a vibrant educational future. 

This use case demonstrates that SMOWL and Moodle are not just tools but catalysts for digital excellence. It is essential to embrace innovation for a promising educational future. Join the University of La Salle in this educational revolution by adopting SMOWL and Moodle, transforming your learning experience. 
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