What is coaching? Types of coaching and why they are useful

To better understand what coaching is, you must consider it a professional tool catered to boost your potential at a...
17 November 2022

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What is coaching? Types of coaching and why they are useful

To better understand what coaching is, you must consider it a professional tool catered to boost your potential at a personal and vocational level. The idea behind it is for you to reach your goals through self-knowledge and to learn new skills. 

There are different types of coaching that fall under two main categories:

  1. Life Coaching
  2. Business Coaching

In every case, the learning process is oriented toward creating a dialogue that induces students to come up with their solutions. For this, there are different types of coaching and specific methodologies

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a set of learning and self-knowledge techniques applied through the dialogue between a coach (trainer) and their coachee (student).

Coaching sessions help you develop so that you can reach whatever goals you have set for yourself in any area of your life: family, inner growth, health, work, etc.

In this way, the coachee learns not through acquiring loads of new information but by developing new perspectives or mindsets that change their approach to specific problems. 

The coach’s role is to help you connect and bolster your strengths to find your answers and overcome obstacles. With coaching, the solution comes from you.

Types of Life Coaching

Life coaching is for those existential moments when you question yourself and your decisions or need guidance for overcoming a challenging situation.

What is coaching

Personal Coaching 

A human-focused practice that guides the client through questioning, reassessment, and active listening.  

You build a space focused on the present but aimed to face the future and the uncertainty that comes with it.

Nutrition Coaching

A working method to acquire healthy nutritional habits that help boost your self-esteem and foster self-control and stress reduction.

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Sports Coaching

It focuses on self-discovery and aims at occasional athletes or athletes in training, referees, families, and anyone interested in enhancing their sports habits and achieving a series of goals.

Emotional Coaching

For work-life balance. It helps you with the following:

  • Discovering and boosting skills.
  • Handleing your emotions.
  • Change toxic habits.
  • Improve communication.

Thanks to these techniques, you will acquire a broader vision of your goals and help you reach them. 

Family Coaching

It helps build bridges between family members seeking to solve a conflict. The goal is to find common ground where everyone can understand and treat each other with respect and harmony. 

coaching types

Types of Corporate Coaching

Depending on your goals and aspirations, you can benefit from different business coaching strategies.

Strategic Coaching

It follows a company’s journey and revisits its mission, vision, values, and goals. It also analyzes the leadership style most appropriate for the company and helps employees adapt. 

Sales Coaching

Focuses on improving the teams’ capabilities to increase sales figures and strengthen customer loyalty.

Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic coaching creates a system for analyzing the causes and consequences of the behavior of team members.

This way, you can create single talent maps that, together, form a team talent map where you can properly asses each member’s strengths and weaknesses. Systemic coaching aims to promote team cohesion and help overcome crises by improving the social climate in the organization. 

Identify working gaps or areas where team members overlap and behaviors that affect productivity and a healthy social environment.

Leadership Coaching

Helping the company’s decision-makers develop a proper coaching leadership style can significantly positively affect the rest of the team and workflow.

You can use different models, like GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, and Will). 

types of coorporate coaching

Group Coaching

It promotes the creation of work groups where coworkers share their concerns, goals, reflections, fears, and aspirations to detect and develop skills involved in improving the performance and well-being of the group, setting a joint plan.

Shadow Coaching

This type of coaching means that your coach will assist you in preparing a meeting or product presentation before a specific audience. During it, they will observe and analyze “in the shadows” and how you perform and set a positive standard to inspire you.

Types of coaching based on the methodology

Coaching programs can focus on a single methodology or combine several to suit your needs or your company’s.

Cognitive Coaching

Train your cognitive, expressive, and receptive functions by working on memory, learning capacity, and other interpersonal and personal skills.

Ontological Coaching

It detects obstacles that impede your development and helps you reflect on what skills you can improve to achieve your personal or professional goals.

This method can be very useful in the development of your career plan.

Motivational Coaching

It focuses on helping you approach situations with optimistic thinking and remove self-doubt.

types of coaching methodology

NLP Coaching

This coaching style uses NLP techniques (Neurolinguistic Programming) to redesign mental and expression patterns so you can tackle obstacles from different angles.

Online Coaching

Coaching is a lever for life and professional change that can perfectly adapt to an online methodology.

Its dynamics usually integrate into training learning processes or continuous assessments in safe environments that reinforce trust between trainers and their students.

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