Learning and Development

What does gamification mean?

Gamification in education: definition, tools, and types

21, March 2023
massive online open courses

MOOC: meaning and main platforms

16, March 2023
importance in e-learning

SCORM: meaning and importance in e-learning

7, March 2023
The Agile methodology enables continuous learning with fast and valuable results

Agile methodology in education: how to implement it online

23, February 2023
Lean methodology is a process of change that is shown as a break from traditional thinking

Lean methodology in education: how to implement it online

21, February 2023
The grow model for coaching is a strategy that allows the definition of objectives

Grow model for coaching: what is it and how to apply it?

16, February 2023
LMS is a learning management software

LMS: what is Learning Management System, and most used types

14, February 2023
The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model of active learning

Flipped classroom: what is it, model, examples, and approach

10, January 2023
Adaptive learning is a personalized learning method

Adaptive learning: definition and technology

4, January 2023
Microlearning is a concept closely related to new technologies

Microlearning: definition, benefits, and best practices

19, December 2022
Ubiquitous learning enables accessible education

Ubiquitous learning: characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages

13, December 2022
Informal learning is a continuing extracurricular strategy

Informal learning: definition, characteristics, and objectives

9, December 2022

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