Learning and Development

How to Implement Discovery Learning?

Discovery learning: what it is and how to apply its theory

7, September 2023
Benefits of knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing: definition and strategies of knowledge transfer

5, September 2023
The origins of social learning theory: Albert Bandura

Social learning theory: what it is, origins and applications

3, August 2023
Disadvantages of decentralized education

Offshoring in Education: Advantages and Disadvantages

1, August 2023
Implementing brain breaks in the classroom

Brain breaks in the classroom: active breaks and mental rest

25, July 2023
Tools and resources for implementing ICTs

ICTs in the classroom: unleashing the power of technology for enhanced education

4, July 2023
Disruptive education is based on 4 principles.

Disruptive Education: definition, features, benefits and disadvantages

22, June 2023
Digital education has revolutionized the traditional methods of teaching and learning.

Digital education: definition and keys to overcome the digital divide

23, May 2023
Fluid and crystallized intelligence are interrelated throughout a person's life.

Fluid and crystallized intelligence in Education

11, May 2023
Why is academic integrity important in educational institutions?

Academic integrity: why is it key in educational institutions?

18, April 2023
Edutainment refers to the combination of education and entertainment.

Edutainment: what it is, origins and benefits

13, April 2023
Education 3.0 is a term coined to describe the evolution of teaching and learning methods in the digital age.

Education for the future: innovative methodologies for teaching

11, April 2023

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