Learning and Development

Gaps in approach

Coaching vs mentoring: differences you should know about

24, November 2022
Mentoring is a process of e-learning and learning

What is mentoring? 5 types that promote learning

22, November 2022
professional coaching

What is coaching? Types of coaching and why they are useful

17, November 2022
Learning by doing is a methodology for learning by experience.

Learning by doing: what is it and what is its methodology?

25, October 2022
Personalized learning is based on strategies

Learning personalization: definition, strategies and benefits

20, October 2022
Continuous learning and evaluation

Comprehensive and continuous evaluation: meaning, advantages, and disadvantages

20, September 2022
Benefits of e-learning

Benefits of e-learning for employees and advantages in the workplace

16, September 2022
Hacer exámenes online

Advantages and disadvantages of written and oral online exams

30, August 2022
Aula virtual

Virtual classroom: what is it, and how does it work

4, August 2022
proctored exams

What are proctored exams, and how do they work?

21, July 2022

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