privacy and security

What helps protect from spear phishing?

Spear phishing: what it is, risks and differences with phishing

16, November 2023
Second Layer: Additional Information

Layered Data: how to properly apply it for GDPR compliance

14, November 2023
Consequences of Phishing

What is phishing? Definition, types and how to avoid it

12, October 2023
Digital Hygiene bonus: 8 tips for creating secure passwords

What is Digital Hygiene and why is it important to care for it?

5, October 2023
steps to implement digital disconnection protocols

Right to disconnect: what it is, legislation and protocols

26, September 2023
Future Trends in Data Protection

Data protection in educational centers: obligations, treatment, impact and risks

21, September 2023
Relationship Between Digital Identity and Online Reputation

Online reputation management: what is it and why is it so important to take care of it?

12, September 2023
How to Implement ISO 27001 in Your Organization

ISO 27001 Certification: What is it and what is its purpose?

11, September 2023
Effective tips to avoid ransomware in businesses

Ransomware: what is it, how it works and how to prevent it?

24, August 2023
The Role of whistleblowing in improving workplace conditions

Whistleblowing and how to report labor irregularities

17, August 2023
Harry Brignull, a user experience designer, coined the term "dark patterns".

Dark Patterns: the risks of Manipulation on the Internet

27, July 2023
Anonymization methods and tools.

Anonymization: what it is and differences with pseudonymization

11, July 2023

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