privacy and security

Code of ethics

Ethical management of data in the Digital Age

19, October 2022
GDPR meaning

GDPR: What is it? What does the Data Protection Act include?

5, October 2022
SMOWL data protection

SMOWL data protection

21, September 2022
Basic principles to comply with the GDPR

Smowltech makes it easy to comply with the GDPR

25, August 2022
Monitoring a computer

Monitoring a computer as a proctoring functionality

28, July 2022
smowl detects other sites

SMOWL detects other sites. How does it do it?

13, July 2022
How to hack an exam

Hacking an online exam: is it possible and how to avoid it?

12, July 2022
Avoiding fraud in an online exam

How to proctor an online exam to avoid fraud?

7, July 2022
How to take online tests

How to take online tests safely?

5, July 2022
The security of online monitoring tools

Is it possible to cheat with SMOWL? Here is the answer

28, June 2022

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