EdTech and proctoring

eduNEXT's Customized Support

eduNEXT: a specialized LMS provider for Open edX

27, November 2023
Why is SMOWL the best proctoring option for Open edX?

SMOWL: proctoring for Open edX platform

20, November 2023
How to set up open edX in your institution?

What is Open edX and what are its advantages

13, November 2023
Safe Exam Browser has significant disadvantages

Safe Exam Browser vs. SMOWL: which is better for digital exams?

2, November 2023
Alternatives to Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser: what it is, its purpose, and alternatives

1, November 2023
What is a Locked Browser?

What is a Locked Browser? Ensuring the protection of online assessments

22, September 2023
SMOWL offers two types of licenses: activity-based licenses and user-based licenses.

SMOWL PRO, advanced proctoring for exams and certifications

31, August 2023
SMOWL + is the most comprehensive plan for medium-sized businesses and institutions

SMOWL +, comprehensive proctoring for businesses and institutions

30, August 2023
A SMOWL plan for every organization

SMOWL CLASS, hassle-free proctoring for your in-person exams

29, August 2023
Does Moodle have proctoring?

How to find the best Moodle proctoring software?

25, August 2023
Choosing the right Moodle integration

Moodle Integrations: enhancing your e-Learning experience

21, August 2023
SMOWL, the first official proctoring integration for Moodle

What are Moodle Partners and how can they help improve your eLearning experience?

18, August 2023

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