Talent Assessment

The Purpose of an HR Scorecard: Maximizing Human Resources Potential

HR scorecard: what is it and key indicators to take into account

19, September 2023
What is the impostor syndrome?

Impostor syndrome at work: causes and how to overcome it

22, August 2023
How to calculate Employee Net Promoter Score?

eNPS: What is employee Net Promoter Score is and how to measure it

8, August 2023
How to create trustful environments for employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement survey: boosting workplace productivity and satisfaction

18, July 2023
People analytics: the practice of collecting and analyzing data about employees to gain insights

People Analytics: what is it and its applications in Human Resources

13, July 2023
A positive work environment is characterized by open communication, mutual respect, and a supportive culture.

Work environment: what it is, types and importance for generating good results

27, June 2023
To avoid the consequences of the Dunning-Kruger effect, you can improve the competencies of your teams.

Dunning-Kruger effect: what is it, and how can it affect work relationships?

15, June 2023
There are a few alternatives to a roles and responsibilities template.

Roles and responsibilities template: definition and examples

13, June 2023
The concept of human capital is rooted in economic theory. The idea is that people are not just a cost to a business but an investment.

Human capital definition: types, examples, and management

9, May 2023
The term "knowledge economy" refers to an economy where knowledge and information are the primary drivers of growth.

Knowledge economy: what it is and its importance for HR

2, May 2023
If you are looking to enhance your skills to become an exponential leader, the first step is to know what it is.

Exponential leadership: how to enhance the necessary skills?

27, April 2023
Endomarketing is a methodology that focuses on applying traditional external marketing techniques to employees to improve their organizational experience.

Endomarketing: advantages, disadvantages, and reasons to apply it

20, April 2023

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