Online training, recruiting and certification with quality assurance

Evaluate and certify preserving integrity anytime, anywhere.

Maximize the value of your investments!

SMOWL will automatically monitor users and generate evidence reports to improve the evaluation process.

Improve your processes

SMOWL allows you to guarantee the validity of your online processes, improving the quality and efficiency of your company while reducing costs and efforts.

We have supervised:

  • Recruiting processes
  • Upskilling
  • Job training
  • Official certifications
proctoring for companies proctoring para empresas

Why use a proctoring solution

Reducción de costes

Cost reduction

Avoid the need of physical location for training, transfers, and hiring staff to supervise.

Control calidad

Quality control

Customize the monitoring process according to the objectives of your organization.



Reduce timing and increase scalability of online tests due to the supervision and automatic generation of reports.

Culture of excellence

Maximize your investment

Whether it is a recruiting process or a training course, ensures the identity of users and the acquisition of knowledge.

Certify from anywhere

Validate the knowledge of users remotely and obtain automatic reports of their performance.

Be more efficient!

Thanks to the employee training and automation of processes you can improve the quality and performance of your organization.

proctoring para empresas

Benefits for all

proctoring para empresas

Validity in certifications

Guaranteeing the identity of the users during any process.

Greater flexibility

Possibility of choosing the time and place to carry out the activities.

More transparent hiring processes

Possibility to demonstrate knowledge and skills easily and automatically.

Reduce expenses and save time

It will not be necessary for the user to go to a specific location for training or evaluation






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Successful stories

“The SMOWL system is based on e-proctoring monitoring systems and is a pioneer in the training of commercial aviation pilots. It automatically provides verified evidence that certifies the entire process of taking the exam thanks to Artificial Intelligence ”

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Santander Financiera
Telefonica cliente SMOWL

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