Enhance the online prestige and academic integrity of your institution

Assess your students anytime, anywhere with a friendly and easy to use solution.

SMOWL will automatically monitor your students and generate evidence reports to facilitate the evaluation process.

ESCS Escuela de Comercio Santiago Client Smowltech SMOWL

Flexible solution

Able to adapt to your needs and pedagogical methodology regardless the volume of students or type of activity.

Use cases:

  • Term/Formative or high stake tests
  • Admission tests
  • Continuous assessment / whole course
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Why use a proctoring solution

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Regardless of the pedagogical model, we work in any type of online activity.

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Efficient assessment

Automatically generate reports for teachers to be able to review.

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Improve your service

Offer a more engaging educational model by giving students greater flexibility.

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 More and more students are looking for 100% online training alternatives with credibility on the market.

Accessible and quality education

Academic integrity

Match face to face quality assurance and keep the prestige and credibility intact.

Lower costs

A physical space with teachers is not necessary to supervise the assessments.

Keep growing without borders!

You can expand your official training offer, since you do not have a physical limitation of space, time or geographical location.

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Provide support tools to your teachers

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Identity assurance

We prevent identity fraud to validate if the knowledge was acquired by the correct person.

Reports with evidence of the whole activity

You will obtain minute by minute information on the performance of your students to detect areas of improvement in their learning.

More objective evaluation

Automatic reports with evidence for decision making.

Customize the tracking criteria!

Configure the filters to adapt the security measures according to the requirements of your activity.

Improve the student experience

Labor market credibility

By being able to verify with real evidence the knowledge acquired during any course or certification.

Increase flexibility

Overcome geographic and time barriers, let the student decide where and when to learn.

Reduce costs

Avoid traveling expenses and waste of time and study in any institution in the world.

Same conditions - Equal opportunity

Fair conditions. Students who successfully complete their training will be recognized and rewarded and those who commit fraud will be penalized.

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Successful stories

"7,000 students from 140 countries took their exams with facial technology to ensure there are no alterations and that rigorous ethical requirements are met in these tests."

IE University Cliente de SMOWL

Carlos Garriga,
Director of Technology, IE University,

Source: See article

ESCS Escuela de Comercio Santiago Client Smowltech SMOWL

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