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On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about job/activity management and how to activate SMOWL in an exam.

Work planning

We have specific communication channels for our partners and customers that will allow us to better communicate when planning activities.
For this work management you must send the following information to the SMOWL team through its customer service channels:

  • Identification of the assessment within your platform. This is important only if you want to set up an activity as a test or make any kind of modification to the monitoring. It is also necessary if you want confirmation from us that the monitoring has been activated correctly for that activity.
  • Date, start and end time.
  • Duration of the activity.
  • Number of users.

In order to plan an activity with a high volume of users, you should contact Smowltech at least 24 hours in advance.
If necessary, you can ask our team to activate an activity as a simulation. This allows the user to test the tool before the real activity and makes it easier for the instructor to manage the work.

Job configuration

To set up an evaluation with our tool, simply go to the Activity Management option in the SMOWL block options within your platform and check the activity you wish to monitor.
This is a very simple process but if you wish to confirm your activation you can always contact Smowltech or the team in charge at your institution to manage this type of request. They will communicate through the service channels sending us the activity identifier for verification.

Remember that, in order to configure an activity, you must notify the Smowltech team in advance so that they can make the relevant change. If an activity has already been used to monitor a group of users and you have results, you will not be able to apply a change in the configuration of that job.

In case you have configured an activity and our monitoring service does not appear in it, please contact us.
At Smowltech we recommend reviewing all configurations before performing the actual activity with your users.


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