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On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about SMOWL monitoring with external camera.


How do you monitor smowl with two cameras?

Our system uses the camera of the device where the activity is being performed, usually a computer, and the camera of a second external device (phone or tablet) capable of reading QR codes.

Do I need to install an application?

A cell phone or tablet can be used without the need to install any application on it.

How do I place the camera?

Place the camera on the side (right or left) relative to your table and chair. The image should capture:

  • The side of your face
  • Your work area: entire computer and table surface (right, left and background around the computer).

For this purpose it is important that you place the camera at a certain level with respect to the table, with some downward tilt, and at a sufficient distance from the table to capture the whole required area.

Camera permissions on external devices

If your institution requests to monitor you with an external camera you will need to review the browser permissions on your mobile device or tablet. You will need to read the QR code on the instruction page in order to link your mobile device’s camera to your activity monitoring.

Remember: You must place the device in landscape mode (you must have the screen rotation option enabled) and give permissions to the camera to your browser.

permisos chrome camara externa

Check the external camera

It is necessary that before starting the online activity, you have prepared your workspace, as well as the 2 cameras that you are going to use; both the front camera and the device that you will use for the external camera. As a user, we advise you to follow the protocols indicated in the following guide to ensure that the monitoring is carried out correctly, thus reducing the possibility of incidents.


You need to have a webcam connected to the computer (front) where you will perform the activity and you will also need a mobile device / or Tablet with camera and internet connection (external).

  • Front camera: You may use your device’s internal camera or a webcam connected via USB.
    • It should be pointed frontally towards your face, which should be centered in the image and well illuminated.
  • External camera: You should place the external camera sideways to your workspace, so that your computer, your hands and yourself can be seen as shown in the image.
    • It should be set to “landscape” or horizontal mode.
    • Make sure it has enough battery power, or keep it connected to the charger during the entire activity.

When the camera is correctly checked, you will be able to visualize inside the browser of the mobile device something like the one shown below:

Usuario en monitorización con  cámara externa

In case a message appears informing that the check was incorrect, you should not start your activity, and you will have to refresh the page for the check process to be performed again.

QR code reading recommendations

Depending on your mobile device you will have different options to read the QR code and allow access to the camera:

  • iOS devices: You will need to open the camera (as if you were going to take a picture) and focus on the QR code. The device will ask you if you want to access our website.
Permitir que SMOWL use la cámara
  • Android devices: There are devices, which from the camera to take pictures can read QR codes, and the process will be very similar to iOS devices.
    In case your device does not read the code from the camera, you can access the following website from the device through the Chrome app: QR Stuff
    Another option is to download from the app store, one that allows you to read QR codes, known as “QR Scanner”.

During the activity: external camera

Before accessing the activity, verify that both cameras are correctly configured. In case you have any doubts, we recommend you to read our article: Check the external camera.
Before accessing your SMOWL monitored activity you will find a banner where you can scan the QR code with your external device.

In case there is a problem with the QR code you can regenerate it on the instructions page.

If the activity you are going to perform requires external camera monitoring (in addition to the front camera and/or desktop monitoring) you must activate it with your cell phone or tablet. First a “red cross” will appear indicating that it has not yet been activated.

External camera not detected

This message will appear. Click on accept.

Scan the QR code and the icon will appear in green. You must place your cell phone as indicated in the image.

For external camera monitoring to be valid, it must be appreciated:

  • Part of the face
  • The top surface of the work table (no unallowed items such as: cell phone, tablet, headphones…)
  • The screen of your computer (Ask your institution to know if you can use more than one screen).
  • For this, you must place the external camera:
  • On one side
  • At a height of about 30cm with respect to the work table, so that it captures the entire surface of the same (right and left of the computer), with a slight inclination towards the computer.
  • At a distance of about 60cm and no more than 1.5 meters from your computer.
  • Do not place it behind or in front of you, or at a height less than or equal to the work table.

This would be an example of correct placement of the external camera:

You can see the work space area, the computer and the face of the user.

These would be examples of incorrect placement of the external camera:

Workspace must be visible.
The worskspace, computer and face must be visible.


  • Your image should appear inside the external camera frame.
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting conditions.
  • Do not wear anything that covers your head or face. Only reading glasses are allowed.
  • You must be alone in the room where the activity takes place. If there are other people, this will be reported.
  • Finish the activity in your virtual campus first and then close the browser window of the external camera.

When the camera is successfully tested, the following will be displayed in the device browser:

SMOWL External Camera


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