How does SMOWL work?

We combine algorithms, images and people. We will give you all the information here.

SMOWL functions and works from within the educational platform or training portal. It is integrated into it, and it is not necessary to open two programs during the activity or the subsequent evaluation.

It requires some devices to detect the person doing the exercise and their behaviour.

Combine algorithms and images. You can also bypass biometrics with human verification.

What does SMOWL detect?

Activation is divided into two steps:

User verification with three pictures

Monitoring during activity with multiple snapshots

It works with a combination of artificial intelligence
and these three monitoring resources:


That captures images of the user during the test (his position, if he is alone or absent).

Computing device

It captures actions during activity: programs in use, web pages, sounds, copy-paste and more.

Human supervision

It captures and confirms the algorithm's irregularities to save time for the examiner.

How does SMOWL work in each version?

Each program has an objective.
We created SMOWL solutions to solve the demands of those who want to

How does SMOWL work?

It only requires a computer and a camera. SMOWL does not require the installation of any program or extension.

How does SMOWL+ work?

Therefore, it includes a desktop app that users have to install on their computer to have an exhaustive evaluation.
You can also add SMOWL 360 and SMOWL Human versions or create your own proctoring with SMOWL Custom.

How does SMOWL 360 work?

We add a second camera at another angle of the room.


How does SMOWL Human work?

The Smowltech team monitors the images and incidents.


How does SMOWL Custom work?

We design the user experience adjusted to what you need.


In all versions, the users have to

What does SMOWL do?

It connects the evaluator and the evaluated person, substituting the face-to-face meeting.

It is the bridging tool that jumps space-time barriers.

For your institution or company

It supports reliable management before, during and after the performance of online activity.

For the user or examinee

It guarantees that the test is complete both for the person who performs it and their behaviour during it.

Does SMOWL work without an internet connection?

Our e-proctoring system needs an internet connection (if it is by cable, better) because it requires continuous communication during the online process.

You need fewer resources than other tools on the market because we do not capture video, but we freeze user behaviour through images.

SMOWL works without internet connection

Does SMOWL work from anywhere?

Yes, as long as you have access to the network and sufficient coverage.
It allows you to access examinations without scrolling.
From your home, your office or wherever you prefer.

If you want to try it, request your demo now.