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If you need to ask us a query that is not on this page, you can contact our technical support team directly.
On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions from teachers and administrators who want to monitor the activity of their students.

How do I integrate SMOWL in my virtual campus?

Once you contact our technical service, we will give you a step-by-step guide, as well as support during the process. The integration is manual through the download of a plugin and it is integrated into your platform or LMS so that you can view the SMOWL reports. If you have any problem you can contact our support..

How much does SMOWL proctoring cost?

Once you tell us the type of SMOWL version you need and the specific volume, we will inform you of your personalized budget.

Our service is à la carte and therefore our rates are adjusted to the particular demand that your university or business needs so that you pay only for what you need.

The more licenses you request, the lower the cost per user and, therefore, the more profitable it will be for you.

What can SMOWL detect?

SMOWL is an e-proctoring system and therefore allows monitoring (behavior) and confirmation of the identity of users who are carrying out an online activity.

The system detects suspicious elements in front of the camera, as well as actions that the institution may consider inappropriate: use of other programs, keyboard commands, conversations with other people, etc.

Here is an explanatory video:

How is the supervision with LMS Moodle, Canvas and others?

We detect the activity carried out in any virtual campus or LMS by means of computer equipment and a webcam mainly.

In the case of Moodle, SMOWL proctoring is very easy to integrate, as well as in the other popular LMS like Canvas, Blackboard, Open LMS and others.

On the other hand, ad hoc integration of the software is also feasible.

If you want more information about this functionality, we invite you to read this section:

How is it integrated into the educational system or LMS?

SMOWL is integrated into the educational platform, so that monitoring is carried out from it in connection with e-proctoring.

Integration into any LMS is easy. We include training so that the institution and the evaluators know internally its activation and operation.
Integration via API or LTI can also be included.

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