Moodle Exams

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What are Moodle exams, and what are they for?

Moodle is an educational platform for taking multiple-choice or open-response online tests.

It is a digital tool designed for the exams and their qualification criteria.

It functions as a meeting point between teachers and students, bridging geographical distances.

What does the exam interface in Moodle include?

Full course tests

The list and the evaluations of the students

Space for interaction and questions

Is there a SMOWL plugin for Moodle?

Yes, our program works with Moodle through a plugin we have developed specifically for your platform. You download it and connect it to this LMS in a simple way.

How do we integrate our proctoring into Moodle?

Once you activate your SMOWL plan, you will download our software and install it on the educational platform. 

We guarantee you that if you have any problem with Moodle integration, our team will solve it. You will have your installation ready in less than 48 hours.

From that moment on, the functions of our program appear in the Moodle interface.

Schools or companies work together without having to open two applications.

We issue activity reports on the virtual campus itself.

We also insert our software via API, LTI, or ad hoc (from the SMOWL+ version onwards).

How do the users work?

Before taking the exam, they go through a registration process.

We inform them

Your institution or company and Smowltech explain how the platform works and everything related to the data.

Users identification

Examined users read and accept the terms and conditions and the use of the webcam before identifying themself by facial recognition.

Users start the examination

They perform the exercise with automatic monitoring with prior authorization for each activity.

The students close the system when the exam is over and proctoring ends.

We show you a real case

Moodle and SMOWL together at the university

You can add layers of security to the SMOWL plugin for Moodle

seguridad en smowl
Web navigation
2nd webcam
Human supervision

The result

Artificial intelligence + Team of people

We merge with all the educational platforms in the market

Taking exams with Moodle and other LMS is




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