Registration – How to register in SMOWL

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Registration – How to register in SMOWL


On this page you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about how to register with SMOWL before you do an activity.


How do I register?

Before you start, please register in our system. You can find the registration link on your virtual campus. If the institution requires it, you may be asked to show your identity document.

When should I register?

We recommend you to do it as soon as the institution enables the link 72 hours before the activity. In case you have not been able to do it in advance, you will be able to do the activity even if the registration is not confirmed.

How do I know if I have registered?

You can access the registration link again after a few days to check it or consult with your institution.

What happens if my registration has been rejected?

If the registration has been rejected, you will be able to re-register in Smowltech from the same link in your campus. If you cannot find it, you will be able to register when you access your next activity monitored by SMOWL.


SMOWL registration is easy. You only have to register once from your course. It will be valid for all activities monitored on your virtual campus.
To successfully complete the registration, you must click on “Submit” in the last step “Keep in mind”.

Terms and Conditions

Online academic integrity is a crucial component of educational equity because it validates student identity and gives everyone an equal opportunity to earn the grade they deserve.
Smowltech is a European company born to help organizations to develop universal access to online education. Breaking geographic, economic and temporal barriers. Giving access to a flexible education.

Our commitment to the security and privacy of your data

Gaining the trust of the organizations and users for whom we handle personal data is a big part of how we deliver our service. It is necessary to keep in mind that European guidelines require us to follow the most ethical way to collect, process, disclose, store and dispose of personal data.
Smowltech, as a European company, is committed to comply with the GDPR. Moreover, as our company is funded with the support of the European Community, within the H2020 program, we are subject to strict ethical standards to maintain the privacy of students.


It is recommended to register at least 72 hours before the activity through the “Registration link” on the virtual campus.
In case you do not register before starting the activity, the process will start automatically when you access the monitored activity for the first time.
We recommend users to register in our system within 72 hours, in case there are any issues with their equipment or with the registration process. Users can perform the activity without a validated registration. The monitored activity will be validated once there is a correct user registration.

  • Position: Position yourself correctly in front of the camera.
  • Lighting: Your face should be clearly visible.
  • Accessories: Avoid wearing accessories that cover your head or face.
  • Privacy: Avoid being in a room where there are other people.

These recommendations should also be taken into account each time you perform an activity monitored by SMOWL.

Smowl Register Recomendations
How do I register with SMOWL?

Capture of log images

It is important that you allow the SMOWL system to access your webcam in order to capture images. Once you are sure that you comply with our recommendations, you should capture a picture of your face, trying to make it fit the circle shown when you click on “Capture”. Depending on your internet connection, the analysis of the images may take longer.
If the image is correct, you will be able to continue the process after clicking “OK”.

Smowl capture photo

In case there has been a problem with your photos, a warning window will appear and you will have to retake them. After 3 attempts, they will be reviewed manually.

SMOWL register Image not valid

Important: Once the photo have been captured, you have to click on “Submit” to continue with the process.

Capture of the identity document

In case your institution requests it, you must also enter your identity document.
You must place it horizontally centered, and click on “Capture”. If you wish, you can delete the photo to recapture it by clicking «Delete».
Important: once the photo is correct, you must click on «Submit» to continue.

ID registration
Capture your ID correctly

Download SMOWLCM

SMOWLCM is our computer monitoring tool. If your institution requires it, you will need to download and install it as part of the registration process. In case you did not download SMOWLCM during registration, please ask your institution where to find the download link for our tool.

Keep in mind

Remember that at Smowltech we are in charge of monitoring but we do not make any decisions. We will provide the evidence to the institution so they can make the decision based on the established protocols.
On the last page of the registration you will find some last recommendations before starting to be monitored by Smowltech.

To complete the registration, click on “Finish”.


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