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On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about managing monitoring results.

Front and external camera results

When an activity is monitored by SMOWL the images obtained from the monitoring of the webcam will have a validation time which has a maximum period of up to 24 hours. During the validation process, these images will appear in the Monitoring Results Management panel as pending validation.

Desktop monitoring results

In the case of SMOWLCM results it is different, since the results can be displayed at the end of the user’s activity within the activity.

All these monitoring results are processed by Smowltech and evaluated according to the filters marked by the institution. Smowltech collects the data and presents the evidence to the institution which is responsible for evaluating how it considers its users.

Types of results

Front camera case review

Within the validation of images, we will find many cases to review. We will mention the main ones in order to have a clearer picture of what the results of SMOWL can offer us:

  • Correct user: These are the images that correspond to the user who has met the requirements to correctly render their evaluation. They are displayed with a green box.
  • Elements not allowed: These are those images where the user has used elements within the activity such as headphones, mobile phone, notes, among others.
  • Several people: These are those images where within the environment where the user performs the evaluation, another additional person or several have been detected to the user.
  • Incorrect user: These are those images where the captured image does not correspond to the user but to another person outside him.

Desktop monitoring evidences

Within the validation of SMOWLCM we will be able to identify incidents of various types such as:

  • Navigation: It is the most common evidence where access to other pages is shown during the activity.
  • Open programs: This type of incident allows us to observe which programs were active during the development of the activity.
  • Peripherals: It is the option that allows us to see how many additional equipment have been used within the evaluation.

Audio captures

Our audio capture system is activated every time the microphone detects a noise. At that point an audio clip is recorded that can be reviewed later in the monitoring results report. Monitoring incident is considered those actions that prevent audio capture, such as: not granting permissions to the microphone or not having a microphone connected during the activity.
If the user has been silent during the exam, they do not have to have audio captures during the activity.

Review of results

When we evaluate a result from the results management, we can find all the necessary information for good decision making. However, if the need arises to investigate a user, they can contact our Smowltech team through our customer service channels indicating the user’s id on the platform and the evaluation ID.
Within the results obtained by our SMOWLCM tool we will have the option to validate the incidents. When, for example, a user has inadvertently navigated through a page while carrying out their evaluation, this will be marked as an incident so that the teacher or person in charge of the review will have the option of being able to validate it so that this does not affect the development of the evaluation.

Request for reports

Thinking about the client’s need to have all the information, we have a report that will allow us to visualize (through Microsoft Excel) the general monitoring results of each evaluation and user.
To request it, it will be enough to communicate through one of the service channels with our Smowltech team indicating the id of the activity. This report can also be issued within a range of dates for this we must also send the range of dates that you want to process and if necessary, the id of the evaluations.


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