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How Smowl Works


SMOWL LOCK is a browser extension that allows the institution to restrict the user from accessing other applications and websites during activity.


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about our SMOWL LOCK browser extension: where to download it from, what it is, which browsers support it, how to install it, system requirements…


SMOWL LOCK is a browser extension developed by Smowltech, which will allow you to perform your online activity without distractions.

Where I download SMOWL LOCK?

Your institution will provide you with a link with which you can add the extension in Google Chrome or similar browsers prior to the activity.

How do I know if SMOWL LOCK is correctly activated and how I prevent any issue before my activity?

lock icon

SMOWL LOCK is automatically activated when a user logs in to an activity within your platform. You will see the icon in green.

Smowl Block

Make sure you are using Chrome, that the extension is enabled and that the SMOWL block is green. After these checks, click on “refresh”.

Which browsers support SMOWL LOCK?

SMOWL LOCK is compatible with Chromium-based browsers. It works correctly in Google Chrome.
It is not compatible with Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Why I cannot see the download link in my campus?

Selección menu LOCK

You should ask your institution for the download link. In case they cannot provide it, you can download it through the SMOWL block: click on the icon in the upper right corner, SMOWL LOCK button, open a new tab and paste the link copied in the clipboard into the browser bar.

Download and install SMOWL LOCK


You can manage the SMOWL LOCK extension by accessing the extensions menu in the browser bar: chrome://extensions/ Clicking on the icon located in the top right corner of the browser. lock icon you will be able to enable/disable SMOWL LOCK, configure the tool in details and remove it.

System Requirements

The browser extension is compatible with all those browsers based on Chromium, such as:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Brave
  • Vivaldi
  • And many others…


During the online activity you must remain on the exam page at all times and not perform any improper actions, such as:

  • Open any program
  • Open any file: pdf, txt, xlxs…
  • Open a new browser window
  • Execute shortcuts with your keyboard

The extension identifies this inappropriate behaviors and alerts the user. Any action that may be considered improper or inappropriate is collected and compiled by SMOWL and presented to the faculty who will evaluate the user’s actions.

The user has a maximum number of incidents he/she can commit. Once he exceeds the number of alerts set by his institution he will be expelled from the exam and the browser will be closed, delivering his activity in the state it was in when the closure occurs.

Once the activity has ended, or the user has been expelled from the activity, the browser extension stops working and allows the user to continue browsing the computer as usual.


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