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If you need to ask us a query that is not on this page, you can contact our technical support team directly.

If it is your first time using SMOWL, do not worry, here you will find all the information to be able to carry out your activity without incidents in your monitoring.

What is Smowltech?

Smowltech is a company that has developed its SMOWL system to help institutions maintain the quality of evaluable activities in online training using a proctoring system based on artificial intelligence, which allows to verify the identity of the online user and detect suspicious behavior throughout the virtual learning process; this being a flexible solution that adapts to the pedagogical methodology of each institution.

How does SMOWL work?

SMOWL is a tool that works on the browser and uses the user’s webcam to capture images randomly during all the online activity to generate evidence of what happened during the online evaluation.

Do I need to install anything?

The solution is integrated within your virtual campus, so the SMOWL system will be launched automatically when you start your online activity.

In case your institution requests it, it will be necessary to install a desktop application for the monitoring of your computer. Check with the institution for download.

Do I need a password to perform the online activity?

No, the SMOWL solution is built into your platform and will work automatically when you start online activity.

What if I have a connection problem during my online activity?

You must contact your Institution so that they can tell you how to proceed.

What languages is the app available in?

The SMOWL tool is in: English and Spanish. The integration of Moodle and Open LMS is in: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.


Below you will find useful and quality information for SMOWL users. Click on the article to learn more about our services.

About the SMOWL block

Our SMOWL block allows you, as a user, to validate that you are being monitored correctly, as well as notify you in case we detect a technical problem during the activity.

Depending on your institution, this block may include different monitoring tools. These tools aren’t mutually exclusive, so don’t worry if you don’t see all the icons in your block.

SMOWL Block Components

The SMOWL block has several elements that allow the user to know the monitoring status:

  1. Monitoring status
  2. User Image
  3. Tool
  4. Status Help

Monitoring status

The status of the SMOWL block has two main functions:

  • At the top Tells the user if they are in “Check” mode or “Exam in progress” mode
    • During the “Check” mode, the correct connection to SMOWL is checked.
    • In the “Exam in progress” mode, your activity is monitored.
  • In the inferior part it warns you if it detects technical problems in your monitoring, changing the status box to red and indicating what is failing

SMOWL user image

The user image reflects in real time what was captured by the front camera (or webcam) during the activity.

In case audio is also being captured during the activity, an audio graph will appear at the bottom of the image, reflecting in real time, the sounds emitted by the user.

This information is sent to Smowltech and presented in a results report to the user’s institution.

Tool Status

Tool status indicates the tools active during activity monitoring.

Help button in the block

In the upper right corner of the block we find a drop-down with different functionalities depending on your monitoring.

In case of experiencing problems with the block, the user can click on “Update”. This way the SMOWL will be loaded back into the activity page.

Other functionalities of the block:

Download CM: Copy to the clipboard the SMOWLCM download link for the user. By pasting it in another tab of the browser you can access the SMOWLCM download.

QR Code: Shows the user the QR code with which to link the external camera of an external device (mobile phone or tablet).

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