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On this page you will find all the relevant information about user registration management and registration in SMOWL.

User registration validation

Within the user record management you can see the progress of each record.
Registrations will be validated within a maximum of 24 hours after the student’s registration.
It is recommended that the user should register 72 hours in advance so that the registration can be validated correctly and corrections can be made in case of problems or errors.
Smowltech will be in charge of validating these registrations by comparing the images and verifying that all the necessary requirements for a correct registration are met.
In order to make changes with the registration we will work together with the institution to obtain the correct registration of the user.

Management of deleted or removed registration

If a user’s registration has been deleted or removed, he/she will be asked to re-register when starting an activity monitored by Smowltech.

It is important to be clear that in order to carry out any activity monitored by Smowltech, it is necessary to have the registration completed.

If a student is facing the activity and the registration has been deleted, he/she must re-register in order to take the test, since Smowltech does not prevent the student from taking the test if the registration is not fully confirmed.

In order for a user to have a record deleted or removed, one of the following conditions must have been violated:

  1. The images do not have the necessary lighting conditions to display correctly.
  2. The user is not correctly centered in the image.
  3. The user has not correctly displayed the identity document in the record.
  4. The user’s face is not correctly shown or is covered with some accessory that does not allow its correct visualization.
  5. The images do not match the data provided by the entity.

Checking the registration status

To begin with, all registrations can be viewed through the user registration management in the SMOWL tool block integrated in your LMS.

gestión de registros de usuarios smowl

When a record is correct we will see in the status the message “Successfully registered”.
While for when the record has had some defect that has prevented it from being correctly registered we will find a message of “Record deleted” followed by the message explaining the reasons why it has been deleted.


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